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name: N. G.
city: 78728
problem: 12/13/2002
A number of people purchased a GEM LCD monitor at Fry's because of the advertised $140.00 rebate on Sep 1 2002. To date, none of us have received it though we submitted all of the required documentaion in a timely fashion. A number of us have been waiting for as long as six months but, the rebate form stated that it would take only 8 - 10 weeks. We have visited the panacer website and found that out rebates won't be delivery due to incomplete forms. We did send all the required forms.

name: S. ?.
city: 76571
problem: 12/11/2002
www.elens.com - ordered contacts in early September 2002. It is now December 11 and they still say they will be shipped in a week. And they have no customer service. You will just be on hold for almost an hour before someone will talk to you.

name: E. Y.
city: -----
problem: 12/05/2002
Be CAREFUL WHEN BUYING ACCESSORIES FROM COACH. I purchased a watch from the Coach store in Garden State Plaza in NJ. I purchased the watch on 3/17/2002 and did not wear the watch until 4/28/2002. The watch was a birthday present from my kids - reason I did not wear the watch immediately. I wore the watch for a dinner party and the stem fell out. I went to the Coach store on 57th Street and Madison Avenue in NYC to replace the watch. The watch was examined and the saleswoman called over other salespeople and finally the supervisor. Verdict - I could pay $20 to have the watch repaired. No I could not return the watch, no I could not exchange it for another watch (this store did not carry this style yet no one bothered to check). They refused to help me. I took the watch back and I went on line and called the customer service. The Coach customer service personnel is very nice but I was told that the 57th Street was correct. The company policy, on watches - if you purchase a Coach watch and it is defective after 30 days you must pay $20 to have it repaired. I was given the option to return the watch to their Florida headquarters at my expense. If Coach decided that I was indeed telling the truth my money would be refunded. I was called a few days later letting me know that my money had been refunded - no apology and no refund of postage money to get the watch there. It's too bad since I have purchased many Coach bags but I will no longer purchase Coach products.

name: V. P.
city: 11226
problem: 11/20/2002
I ordered the Steam buggy Platinum online on 8/19/2002. It arrived within the prescribed timeframe but there were no instructions on how to use the machine. After about 7 phone calls over the past two months, I am still without the instructions. The phone reps have forwarded my requests to the Corporate Office, Tristar Products, Inc. each time. They state they must hard copy a request to the Corportate office and I cannot be transferred to that office. Once I was told there was a back order on the instructions so they shipped the product in the meantime as they did not want to keep the product in the warehouse but yet no one had the courtesy to include a letter indicating that the instructions would be sent as soon as they were available. Next time, there was no back order of the instructions and they would be shipped on 10/29/02 and I was to give it two weeks for the instructions to reach my home. A call from someone at the Company indicated the instructions were mailed on 10/25/02 not 10/29/02 and that they were sent from the Conn. warehouse. I live in NY. I still have not received the instructions and the phone reps can only apologize and say they will resubmit another request for the instructions. The Supervisor said the same and offered no solutions. After I stated I would take legal action, I was advised that it wasn't necessary to go that far. He didn't take the situation seriously and was very patronizing to me. It is extremely frustrating that I cannot be connected with someone who is willing to resolve my situation. Tristar Productions, Inc. is located in Parsippany, NJ.

name: D. P.
city: 15062
problem: 10/25/2002
I inquired about a diet product on line--the product was slim patch. A company out of utah called me and told me that they would send me the product within 7 days and I would only be billed 19.90 for the first 30 days. I never received the product and called and cancelled it after numerous calls to inquire about the shipping. I was billed the first charge of 19.90 on 8/23/02. The order was cancelled. the end of september the product arrived. I immediately sent it back. By 9/27/02 I was charged 199.95. I repeatedly called the company at their Utah office but got no help. The receptionist was told to tell me that "no one was in who could take my call". I was charged another 199.95 on 10/24/02. I do not have the product and I am out of 419.80.

name: H. ?.
city: 80917
problem: 09/07/2002
UrbanQ is the biggest ripoff of all time! This company will send you overpriced merchandise with 100% rebate promises . . . You will never receive a check! Don't ever do business with them! If you have been taken advantage of go to www.consumer.state.ny.us/compgen1.htm There is a printable form to fill out and send. Also file a complaint with Ron Waldman at the Federal Trade Commission at rwaldman@ftc.gov or call 212-607-2814. One other suggestion, fight it with you CC company!

name: M. B.
city: 91364
problem: 08/16/2002
Awful. Changed pick up date three times, despite being advised 60 days before that pickup couldn't be after a certain date since we'd be gone. Truck broke down three times. Furniture delivered late and damaged. Some items missing. If it weren't for my calls, I'd never know about the above problems and probably still be waiting for my stuff. These folks are awful! Two Rooms of Furniture to be moved from Los Angeles to Omaha, NE. Company changed pick up date three times, then arrived late anyway. Truck broke down twice in route, without giving me notice. Furniture arreved 4 days late, with items damaged and two items missing. Were it not for my phone calls, I would never have been informed of these problems. Despite numerous promises of pick up guaranteed dates and delivery dates, none of the promises were kept. These folks are awful.

name: V. G.
city: 06403
problem: 06/04/2002
In March 2001, I purchased a new Magic Chef gas range from Ted's Appliance in Huntington CT. From the start we noticed a strong gas odor upon turning the oven on. Over the term of our warranty we had a service tech come to our home four times, each time telling us there was nothing wrong with the stove. I was particularly concerned because I am pregnant, 8 months now & I also have a 2 year old & it did not seem normal to have such an overpowering gas odor in the house when I cooked. Please note, that I have cooked on a gas stove for more than 10 yrs & never experienced such a problem. Finally our warranty expired & the Appliance company told us that they would begin charging us for service calls for this particular problem that they never fixed to begin with! They were rude to us, delayed service calls, assured us that the stove was safe for use regardless of the gas odor & made us feel like it was all in our heads. Finally, we contacted the manufacturer, Maytag, who sent an "independant" service tech, who also told us that he could find nothing wrong. Still Maytag offered to take the stove back & refund only the purchase price of the stove. It would take weeks to process this transaction. While waiting. We returned home one day to find our Carbon Monoxide detector sounding. We contacted the fire department who checked for signs of CO in our home, they found none even though our home detector registered a small reading of 5ppm. As an afterthought, I mentioned the problem we experienced with the stove and of course my concern for my pregnancy and my toddler. The fire chief agreed it would be best to check the stove, while in the off position the stove registered 3ppm of CO. However, a couple of minutes after turning the oven on, the detector registered 400+ppm of CO, a highly toxic level of CO. The fire department tagged the oven dangerous for use and promptly advised me to notify our family doctor as well as the appliance service. The real fear for us is that we could have been exposed to CO for over a year, including my entire pregnancy thus far. Even more frustrating is the fact that if indeed my unborn baby was exposed, we may not even see the results until the baby is 2 years old! We pray that our 2 yr old will be alright but most times she was not in the kitchen while I cooked. I contacted both the Appliance Service and Maytag and was shocked to be treated with total disrespect, each blamed the other for responsibility. Maytag told me "well, all we can say is that we're processing your refund" Ted's Appliance refused to give me any answers and my questions were answered with "I can't answer that, I'm not a technician" and "you'll have to ask Maytag" my request to have the owner contact us was ignored. We have since received our refund for our gas range from Maytag but we lost over $300.00 due to our purchase of a new electric range, putting in the electric service, delivery charges as well as a $60.00 co pay we had to pay to see a Toxicology Specialist, who examined my family and will do so again as long as everything goes well, after my baby is born.

name: J. ?.
city: 22303
problem: 04/29/2002

name: T. B.
city: 94040
problem: 04/11/2002
On December 14, 2001 person(s) Pried open and removed the screen on a window at my apartment. They then proceeded to pry open a locked window to gain entry for the purposes of committing a burglary. I submitted a claim to balboa. Balboa denied my claim. Balboa is stating that there is no evidence of forced entry; I submitted evidence in a police report. Balboa is stating that I created this evidence and is again denying my claim.

name: M. F.
city: 39208
problem: 03/25/2002

name: J. J.
city: 32131
problem: 02/28/2002
I graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art, now the Art Institute of Colorado with a gpa of 3.8, honors and best portfolio from Visual Communications in Sept. 1989. I was unemployable in the field at graduation. I was promised by P. L., the school representative assigned to me, that I would be offered the tools to learn computer illustration and art production if I attended as shown in the promotional material sent to me. It was very high tech and glossy. I enrolled and did not have a computer class until the final, 8th quarter. There were 30 people in the class and only 10 machines. The instructor physically left the class as he was so overwhelmed by the panic and his own inability to instruct the class. We spoke with department heads and they allowed a computer literate student to 'instruct'the class which amounted to no more than copying the required project to disc and inputting your initials. There was no computer software instruction, no computer production of art techniques involved nor computer illustration skills required to pass this class or taught. I complained to CO Dept of Higher Education, ACICS who accredits this school, Sallie Mae who granted me loans to attend....and all told me that this school was in no way violating anything and it was up to me to continue my education. I interviewed at Karsh and Hagan in Denver less than a month after I graduated and was told if I would care to go home and put together an ad portfolio, they would be happy to critique it if I finished it. I graduated at the top of the class, can you imagine what kind of comments the other 69 people received when they interviewed for work? I accepted work based on previous work experience as I had worked for 10 years between high school and attending CIA. When I received alum info from the school I noticed they were listing people I knew personally, including myself, as working and placed in the field, when in reality, they and I were not working in the field at all. They continue to list people as fine artists when they are house painters, graphic designers when they are secretaries, etc. This is fraudulent and is an effort to provide material to try to prove the 90% placement they continue to boast of to this day. I did not receive any useable knowledge while attending the institute. To compound this problem, just 8 months after graduation, I was rear ended by an unlicensed, uninsured motorist and lost my job and spent 2 years in surgery and rehab. To this day I have dysfunction in my right hand, I am right handed and have been deemed permanently disabled but not totally....so although I cannot hold a full time job as I have been fired from every one I have secured due to hand dysfunction, I still have to pay a loan for an education I did not get. The loan amount now is $60k. The original loan amount was $20k. Sallie Mae will not forgive a loan for an individual that has the ability to generate an income of $1.oo. You have to totally incapacitated to have your loans forgiven. I would appreciate any one who knows of how I may find resolve to this situation as even though I have complained to everyone from higher education, 20/20, congress and the President of the US, I have had not one response as far as help goes. I try to freelance from home and network on the computer and manage to only make about $10k per year. I am currently paying $52 monthly on my loans with interest accruing at over $500 monthly. If I were not disabled, I still was unemployable in advertising so would not have been able to make enough money to pay the added expense of a student loan for a worthless education. Education Management Corp is still boasting a 90% placement rate and I am sure that the information is contrived. I have not spoken to one person in the last 12 years that ever got a job in art as a result from attending this school. They all said it ruined thier life. It continues to ruin mine. Thank you.

name: J. G.
city: 62801
problem: 02/15/2002
Went into the Centralia Eye Clinic with my daughter to get her eye pressure checked because of prior recommendation from another eye doctor. After the appt. my daughter gave the clerk the check for one half the amount of the bill. The clerk came out to my car and insisted that we pay the whole bill and I told her that I didn't have it. A big seen was created and we began to argue about payment. I feel that because I was black and poor, she felt that she could treat us bad as well as make us feel bad because we didn't have the money. I immediately called the office manager to report her poor customer service and to let her know that I felt humiliated by this lady called connie.

name: K. H.
city: 10009
problem: 02/09/2002
RCN has actively and continues to actively recruit customers for cable, telephone, and "high-speed" cable internet access in my neighborhood and throughout my city. I have had the so-called "high-speed" cable internet access for several months now and I find it to be anything but "high-speed". I take issue with their advertising and claims that they provide a "HIGH-SPEED INTERNET SERVICE" (this is the title prominently displayed on an RCN web page at http://www.rcn.com/cablemodem/.
This web page contains phrases such as the following:
"Access speeds many times faster than traditional analog 28.8 dial-up service." In addition, this sentence contains a clickable hotlink to another RCN web page on the words "many times". The linked page contains a graphic image showing comparative times between various methods of accessing the internet. In the graphic example on this page, a claim is made that the "Time to Download Chicago Tribune Sunday Classified Section", which is purported to be a 40 Megabyte file, takes 50 seconds. This is not even consistent with their claim, made above the graph, in which they state:
"That same 1 Megabyte file could be transferred in about 16 seconds, or even faster, with your cable modem!"
As a comparison, I have been getting download times that, at least 90% of the time, do NOT EVEN approach 56k dialup modem speed. I recently waited over one and one half hours for a download that was 37 Megabytes.
I am not alone in this. Several others I have spoken to in my neighborhood who have RCN "High-Speed" internet access have also complained about slow speeds.
One RCN support worker even told me, upon visiting my residence on a service call related to this issue, told me that there was nothing he could do, RCN has too many people subscribed to their cable modem service which slows everyone in one area down. He even recommended that I call RCN to obtain a refund or rebate for their poor service.
All of this does not stop RCN from not only continuing to actively recruit and sign up new customers for their cable modem service whenever they can, but they charge a premium price, $39.95 per month, for a service that only approximates 56k dialup modem service which generally goes for $15 to $22 per month.
I believe RCN should either be prohibited from recruiting new customers, or prohibited from advertising or asserting that they offer a "high-speed" internet service that isn't one, or be forced to issue a large number of refunds or rebates to any current or former (a class which I intend to join soon) RCN cable modem service subscriber.
The latest kink in their service is that now it generally takes two attempts to load any given web page, due to the fact that the first attempt to access the site usually results in a "page not found" error.

name: D. E.
city: 92595
problem: 01/11/2002
I have had nothing but problems with a website called E-pilot.com. It's a site where you do searches, buy things and your "supposed" to get paid for what you do on their website. Well, after over a year of making money on their site, I get e-mails like this:
"Dear ePilot user, We have received your inquiry regarding payment for your ePilot user account. We review all accounts prior to payment, to ensure that users comply with our Terms of Service. Unfortunately, we have found your account to be in violation of those terms."
I have sent them 17 e-mails that I want my money and they "ALWAYS" send me back this lame e-mail, BUT never tell me what they think I did wrong.
The website is no longer paying people ( or should I say "riping people off") but I know of 4 people they have done this to and it's time to get paid for what we did to make them their money.

name: E. E.
city: 28786
problem: 11/14/2001
In May of 2001 I inquired with GO-TODAY.COM about booking a trip for Paris for New Years. They were offering a package trip. As New Years is my husband’s birthday, and his son lives in The Netherlands; I contacted GO-TODAY before booking our trip to see if they could arrange a room in Paris for our son. They assured me that they could get a discounted room but that I needed to wait until closer to our departure time to make the reservation. On Monday October 29th I called Go-Today to make the reservation and I was told that they could not make a reservation for the room. So now we have no room at the hotel for our son and GO-TODAY says the best that it could do is to book the room at the full walk in price. The customer service rep Michelle that I spoke with did offer to book our son on a Land Only package in LONDON. So I guess her suggestion was that is that we have our family vacation in 2 different countries. She kept insisting that this was my fault that I should have known that the customer service person I spoke with in May Before booking was lying HUH?? How am I supposed to know their customer service representatives are liars?
I am not trying to get something for nothing from this company. What I would like is for them to book a room for me in the $100-150 price range in the same hotel as the one we are booked into or very near. (That we pay for) I think that this is the least they can do since this is a reasonable rate compared to the walk-in rate $224.00.
This company promised me a room BEFORE I BOOKED WITH THEM – the least that they can do is to follow through on their promise.
This company, with all the arrogance they can muster repeatadly infers that I am lying which just infuriates me more. Since when did it become acceptable business practice to call your customers liars? They refuse to even consider that they may have an internal problem. Instead they blame me, the customer for messing up my family vaction, as if that would make any sense to any reasonable person. The fact that they are so unwilling to do ANYTHING to satisfy me as a customer - shows really bad business judgement at time when the travel industry isself is in peril. This blame the victim mentality is really disgusting.

name: E. H.
city: 02826
problem: 10/31/2001
I purchased an iPaq H3635 pocket PC from uBid, inc. for $329.00. They shipped a kick scooter by mistake. I have been attempting to communicate with them since 10/13 and they just keep sending me the same form emails in response. I have requested an RMA so that I can return the scooter and a cancellation of the order for the pocket pc. They have not responded to this request. It is now 10/31 and they don't seem to care.

name: C. B.
city: 89015
problem: 08/20/2001
Had trouble logging into Xdrive online storage service. Every time I asked for a new password to be sent, it sent me email of gobbledygook. Have to get signed on to cancel, thus the resulting conundrum. Customer service was unhelpful, unsympathetic to the plight, and refused to refund my money. Surfers Beware!

name: T. M.
city: 77450
problem: 07/24/2001
I purchased a system on the internet called Train4Riches for $199. I received an email from m.russell@instabill.com stating that they are a credit billing company for Train4Riches web site and would like to process my order for $199.00, but first needed my approval. I sent an email back saying I did not give my approval. The charge went through anyway. I tried calling the number on my credit card statement and they gave me a different number to call for Zstar Network. I called that number and they told me to send an email to m.russell@instabill.com. I did that and got no response. I sent several more messages and still got no response. Several months passed and I still had not received my money back, so I called the number again. I got sent to an answering machine and I left a message. I did get a call back from Acter (sp?) and he said that he talked to Bob Morris at Train4Riches and Bob stated that he personally helped me (which he did not) and that I was passed the guarantee time for getting a refund. By now I was also past the 60 days my credit card company allows so I thought I would go ahead and try selling a few of the programs just to re-coup my money. I can't get into the members site now and as I understood, this purchase gave me lifetime access to the member's area. I tried sending an email to Bob Morris stating that I needed help getting to the member's area and so far have gotten no response.
My first complaint is with instabill. Why did they send me an email saying they needed my approval and then go ahead and submit the transaction without my approval? (I wrote them asking this very question and have gotten no reply). I was willing to try to work it out with Bob but get no response from him either. So now I'm out my $199 and can't even get access to what I paid for. His site is still up so I'm assuming he is still selling his system.
I feel like I've been treated very poorly by both companies and am very upset about it.

name: K. H.
city: 14624
problem: 07/20/2001
I sent away for information on stuffing envelopes along with a 30 dollar payment. They sent the brochure, but it involves paying for a weekly ad and weekly shipping. The free info said there would be no other fees. Magnum Marketing or M.P-A. is a mail order company that sends you information on expanding their work-at-home scheme. They ask you to pay $30 for a brochure and they do send it BUT you will have to pay for weekly ads and weekly shipping and there is no end product you are selling. In my opinion, it is essentially a pyramid scheme. DO NOT GET INVOLVED.

name: J. S.
city: 20171
problem: 07/01/2001
Stay away from International Readers League of Atlanta. They called to sell magazine subscriptions, & the types of questions they asked were intrusive & highly inappropriate. For example: What is your age? What is your spouse's name? Who is your employer? Do you own or rent? What do any of these questions have to do with taking an order for a magazine subscription? I refused to answer these types of questions. I asked why they wanted to know these things, & they said they had to "pre-qualify" me for subscription. Hah! They're relevant only if someone is running a credit card scam.

name: J. H.
city: 91709
problem: 07/19/2001
I ordered the Winnie the Pooh checks from Checks Unlimited at the "introductory" price. I received them and then received a bill for an outrageous amount with a note stating I could not receive the introductory offer because I had previously ordered from one of their affiliates. I had ordered from Current--not knowing they were affiliated. I called and I was told that I would have to pay the amount--they would not accept a return and would only give me $3.75 off of my order. I paid it to keep from getting notices and wrote then a letter requesting a refund or, at the very least, an explanation as to why I was called to find out if I actually wanted the checks if they were to be at the full amount . It was obvious to them that I thought I was getting the introductory price because I sent a check for that amount. I have not received even a courtesy of a reply from them and am warning everyone I can not to deal with them.

name: J. T.
city: n/a
problem: 07/26/2001
BelMar Resort, Bonaire
We checked in on a Saturday afternoon. The manager, Wilma, showed us to our room and pointed out extensive water damage. She explained that a leak had caused damage to both the kitchen and bedroom cabinets and walls. Further, she told us that we would be doing them a big favor if we agreed to change rooms on the following Monday, so they could repair the room. Wilma pointed out that the resort was full until Monday. So, we couldn't have a different room until then. Because she assured us that the problem had been corrected, we agreed to stay and switch rooms on Monday.
We started noticing a strange smell right away, but we opened the windows and doors to air the room out. On Sunday, the smell of sewer gas was unbearable. When we returned from diving, late that afternoon, we could not stomach being in our room any longer. Around 5 pm we complained to the managers, Wilma and Jan. They told us that their plumber had been trying to fix it only the day before we arrived.
They made no offer to help us in this situation, other than to assure us that we would be moved to another room the next day. We had a discussion with them about whether they should have ever checked us into Room 17, knowing its condition and plumbing problems. We asked why they hadn't helped us to find a room at another hotel prior to our checking in? They were enraged that we would even suggest they shouldn't have put us in that room.
We were given little choice but to agree to be moved to another room the next day. Almost a whole day later, late the next afternoon, we were given the keys to another room. There was absolutely no offer to help us. We even had to move all of our gear ourselves.
Until our check out on June 30, there was no further contact with the management of Bel Mar. At that time, we returned the keys and headed to the airport.

name: L. B.
city: 27603
problem: 06/19/2001
An AHS warranty was part of the deal when I bought my house two years ago. During the first year, I needed only a minor dishwasher adjustment (probably not even worth $35). After renewing, my A/C began freezing up during the hottest part of the summer (July 2000). It would still run, but only force out hot air. I called AHS and they faxed a service request to Supreme Air in Raleigh, NC (where I live). After two days they finally called me and left a message. After two weeks of phone tag, I talked to an actual person who reported they no longer worked for AHS. I called back and AHS faxed another A/C repair company. Over the course of another two weeks I made two appts with the new company, but they never showed or called either time. It was now September and not as hot, so I sne AHS a letter and called them and said I wanted to cancel the service and get my money back. Yeah right. The woman (one of many people at AHS who, sadly, only have first names) I spoke to said why not just wait until next spring and AHS would arrange for someone to come out then. In the beginning of June, this year, I called AHS to request another service call. They gave me the name of Supreme Air. I called back and asked for another company but they assured me Supreme Air did work for them. Four days later, after calling them numerous times I got a person on the phone at Supreme Air who made an appt for a "technician" to come out. They arrived 2 days later. They attempted to recharge the A/C, found out it did not need recharging and left (after taking a check for $35) after telling me the coils were probably dirty and I needed to hire someone else to clean them. (AHS does not cover routine cleaning.) I called the company that regularly services my A/C-heater, paid them $224 and spent 3 hours with the technician while he took apart my entire A/C and tried desperately to figure out why it was not working. He also released some of the charge because Supreme Air had overcharged it. After a thorough examination, the real repairman told me there had to be "a restriction in the capillaries" and the only way to fix it was to replace the A/C. He recommended I call AHS and try again. At this point the A/C was working in 3 hour intervals (it would only cool for a few a hours before blowing only hot air -- much like AHS). Sunday night (June 17, 2000) I turned on the A/C at 10pm. 2am I awoke to the sound of explosions and a burning smell. I turned off the A/C which no longer works at all (neither does the heat) and went back to bed. I called AHS in the morning and they offered to send Supreme Air out again. I explained how Supreme Air really did not seem like they wanted to fix my A/C but AHS said I had no choice. After 2 faxes and 3 phone calls I finally got Supreme Air on the phone. They think the problem probably was caused by the guy who cleaned the A/C. There is no way it could be related to the problem they have been refusing to fix for almost a year. I made an appt for Wednesday, but I called AHS back to plead with them to get another repair service to come. They said it was not possible. An hour later Supreme Air called. This is the first time in the year I have been begging them to fix my A/C that they have actually called me. I was very excited until I realized they were calling me to confront me about asking AHS for another service provider. And now AHS is hanging up on me when I call. I am getting ready to file a complaint against AHS and Supreme Air with the Attorney General's office. But I am out $700 so far and I still have no A/C.

name: C. P.
city: 33068
problem: 06/06/2001
In 1997 my now husband and I decided to get Married. My co-worker, at the time, suggested that I contact her brother about having him take my wedding photographs. I was glad at the time to have someone I trusted recommend someone, because I had heard so many horror stories about wedding photographers. My husband and I decided we weren’t going to get a video, and we were going to use the money for better photos because we felt they were more important to us. We meet with him, we put together a package we were happy with and went about the rest of the wedding plans, thinking this was one thing we didn’t have to worry about. In fact he had even helped us find a DJ. We made payments, like most couples, and had given him 2/3’s of the money in advance, which we understood to be an average amount. One week prior to the wedding I called everyone involved with the wedding to confirm our arrangements. When I got to the photographer, he had me down for the wrong date. I knew I hadn’t made the error because we were getting married on a Saturday instead of a Sunday because the honeymoon had be booked first. He told us not to worry he would still try to come, but if not, he would send another talented photographer in his place. There was a problem with the replacement right from the start! He was a smoker, at a non-smoking affair. Every time I need him to take a picture, unlike most photographers which are so on top of you they are almost in the way, I had to hunt him down. But I assumed he had gotten the “standard” wedding pictures such as table shots and my father giving us a toast. Soon after we were married my husband got into a car accident and was unable to work. We still owed the photographer 1/3, so we contacted him about making payments. He agreed, but we couldn’t see the pictures until after we paid in full. (which made sense, so that we couldn’t cheat him buy making copies etc.) We paid him as much as we could when we could, even cutting from our grocery budget, to make sure we gave him enough to know we wanted our pictures, and we had full intentions of paying him. About a year to a year and a half later we finally paid him in full, and received our pictures. We were very disappointed. There were no table shots, no picture of my Dad’s speech, no un-blurry picture of the “kids” in the bridle party, not a full picture of my husband and my self cutting the cake or even one of us in regular lighting and to add to that there were even a few rolls of film missing. I mentioned this to Allen (the photographer) and he gave me one excuse after another, everything from, “Well did you tell him you wanted that picture” to “Well you did take a long time to pay, your lucky I’m not raising your price.” With my tail between my legs I did as he asked and went home to put my pictures in the order I wanted them in the book. I couldn’t even find 40 pictures for the large (one of the more expense) book I wanted to use, and on top of that I didn’t even have table shots and other traditional pictures to place it in a logical order. I mailed the pictures to my Mother to see if she wanted any prints. She miss placed the pictures, since my Dad has 100,000’s of collector pictures it wasn’t hard to believe, but Allen didn’t believe me. He went into a “it is going to cost you 100’s of dollars to get them replaced” speech. At this time I called my Mom and told her I was sorry, but she would have to go through all of the pictures and find them. When luckily we finally found the pictures I went in to showed him the order I had selected, he made fun of me and told me I had to “sign off” on the order in order for the printer to believe it. I explained I didn’t have the pictures I wanted, and he again made excuses and blow it off. At this point I told him I possibly wanted by my proofs, starting not to trust him, and fearing I would never see my book. I felt he should just give them to me because of all the problems, but instead I asked him how I could get them. He said it would cost a couple of hundred dollars, so I told him I wasn’t sure yet.I assumed he had sent the book up to be done. I called him once a month for a year. At the end of the year he said he never sent the book because he was waiting for the money for the proofs. I told him I wasn’t even sure I could afford them and that’s why I had needed to get back to him about them, and he said since I had added them to my order the book would be set until I paid for the proofs in full in the amount of $350.00 (a price never talked about, that I had never heard). I gave in to his demand borrowing money from a friend, but told him I would have to get my pictures (proofs) in my hand before I gave him the money. At this point I didn’t believe I would ever get my book and a least now I would have my proofs. When I saw him face to face he told me my book was sent and I would get it by Valentine’s Day at the latest. I again believed him, and at this point didn’t have a choice anyway. I called Valentines Day, still no pictures, I called two weeks later, and there was no answer, and finally I left at least 10 messages. I called in March, and then April. By April his Voice Mail was full, and I thought to myself many people must be in the same situation as I am. In May I drove up to his place of business, and the place was cleared out, not even a piece of paper on the floor. In tears, 3 years after my wedding and 4 months pregnant, I did what every girl in my position would do, I called my Daddy. He went online and found out there was another couple who had problems and had written about them on a website called consumersrevenge.com. We are both sure there are many more people, but don’t have the resources to find out who they are. And to our surprise being from New York, Florida dose not have a Better Business Burro! (What a sad statement about Florida.)
Owner/ Photographer -Alan Silvers
Home Address - 3784 Coco Lake Drive, Coconut Creek, FL
Business Name - Creative Images Business Address 4400 West Sample Road, #224, Coconut Creek, FL, 33073
Business Phone Number - 954-426-3333 - The one with the full voice mail.

name: D. W.
city: 60187
problem: 04/09/2001
I have yet to be able to utilize my pre-brought vacation plan with Med Resorts international. Their sales pitch promised to be able to arrange exchanges with multiple sites. Instead, what I find is that the actual people who I speak with to arrange the vacation cannot give me any lists of groups with which they exchange. They cannot provide me with any information for a particular area that I'm interested in except those listed in their colorful manual. They have been rude to me on the phone. Not understanding my confusion when I ask for info on a vacation to a particular area. They do not have any patience in explaining their system. They seem to think that I'm the the one who's off my rocker. The problem is actually that the sales people showed me lists of companies and places that were affiliates. (I specifically checked out sites in Kenya) and now I can't get anything like that since paying big bucks for the package. If you are considering a deal with them. Go for it only if: you couldn't go further on the 10.000 dollars yourself. Couldn't do a good vacation on your own with that plus 349$ yearly membership fee. Only if you routinely vacation at the places that they OWN. Ask those questions. Go home and think about it! If you still like the idea, they might still be in business next week when you go back. If their not still in business. You haven't missed much! So far, I have only regret. Self-reproach for allowing sales to pressure and soft talk me into the deal. And I have nothing to show for it. Just Be Wary of the whole Deal.

name: P. O.
city: 86305
problem: 05/15/2001
I purchased a PC from Gateway over the internet. The shipment came in two segements. 1)memory upgrade 2)computer.
The memory shipped was incorrect (their error not mine) The computer arrived several days later and did not work. I spent approximately 2hrs online with their tech support, it was decided the problem could not be dealt with in the field and the computer had to be returned.
I needed the computer for business and had already waited for 10 days for this computer. I was going to cancel the order and return the machine when the tech told me it would take another 10 days to get a replacement.
After he threatened that I would have to pay shipping and said he would expidite a replacement I agreed to give them another try if the replacement computer arrived by Monday May 14,2001.
The machine had not arrived by Tuesday so I checked with them only to find the computer was not going to be manufactured until May 21, 2001. I then proceeded to cancel the order.
Over a period of 3 hours I went through numerous reps and supervisors to cancel the order (I was cutoff twice)it was made as difficult as possible to process the cancellation. I had to go through the process seperately for the computer and the memory. I was informed I would have to pay shipping in both directions for two return kits even though I still had all the original shipping materials.
I received from them two shipments.
1) Memory that was not functional in the computer it was destined for. Their rep selected the memory when I told him how much memory I wanted in the computer. It was shipped in error by them, I did not give incorrect order information.
2) I received a computer that was non-functioning right out of the box, it never did work.
I either have to accept another computer from them in another 10 days or pay shipping in two directions for two of their mistakes. I do not yet know what those costs will be but estimate them to be between $100-$200.

name: D. E.
city: 21784
problem: 04/26/2001
I recently rented a limo from Bayside Limo (Bowie Maryland) for May 19th, 2001 for my son's prom. 24 days prior to the 19th of May I discovered that May 18 year old son had given me the wrong date. I discovered this when I was looking at the upcoming school schedule. I immediately called Bayside and explained our mistake. He then told me that he had nothing for the 12th of May but he would be glad to see if any other "reputable" limo services were available. I immediately started to call around and soon found another limo service. I thenk called Bayside back and asked him if there was any chance I could get my $200 deposit refunded. He became very rude and when I gave him the name of the limo service I had contracted he said they were not reputable, and so on. (Extraordinare) He claimed they double booked and double charged. Any way 1 week later my co-worker called to see if the 14 passenger limo was available for the 19th from Bayside.. He was told it was booked solid.
I then called thinking he would be a good businnes person and refund my money. Well the other person that I talked to when I called informed me that my contract was still in the computer. I could not believe what he was trying to do, she told me I would have to speak with him. It told him I had a co-worker interested in the 19th but he was told it was booked. He then started to dance around the issue, claiming he could not remove my contract from the computer and that is was available. This place is definitely not on the up-and-up and I would not recommend them to anyone.
I plan on making sure they are "blacklisted" from my country schools.
Clearly my contract says I will not receive a refund but the work ethics in the company are some of the worse I have seen.
It it quite clear to me that they are double booking the same way they accuse Extroidinare

name: L. A.
city: 47630
problem: 04/18/2001
I was a member of a site called TheStudentSaver.com and went under the name CamoflaugeStarr@hotmail.com (Might be important to tell you in this case) and and referred a lot of my friends to their site to gain enough points to redeem to get a prize. I think it it could have been September or November when I accumulated enough points to get a sleeping bag. I never received the sleeping bag, and e-mailed them several times asking them why I had'nt received it. You know what? They never e-mailed me back. I worked hard to earn that sleeping bag - I spent many days and nights referring my friends to their site. I feel like I deserve that sleeping bag after all of that hard work.

name: L. A.
city: 47630
problem: 04/18/2001
One person in particular likes to go under different user names and personalities on my site promoting their site http://coupons.hk.st . I don't mind if people promote their site on my site once in awhile, but there is a point where I have to draw the line. I think this is an unethical way to promote their business. I also believe that by going under so many different user names and personalities is an unreasonable way to promote their site and that they don't have promote their site so much, because this is irritating the members on my site. I e-mailed this person on their site and told them that I did'nt approve of this and for them to stop, and they threatened to take legal action against me for false accusation.

name: L. H.
city: 85711
problem: 04/27/2001
My son, who is 12, started recieving a magazine called FHM (For Him Magazine) in the mail. This is a disgusting, female degrading magazine with almost nude photos of women and articles like how to cheat on your girl friend or wife and not get caught. When the magazines came I went in search of a phone number to contact the company and ask them NOT TO SEND ANY MORE! I found out that there is simply a PO Box address in Florida and the magazine comes from a publishing company out of the United Kingdom. So I sent the magazines back to the PO Box with a letter explaining about my son and please don't send any more. They still sent magazines and then invoices. I sent all this back to them again. Now my son has recieved a letter from National Credit Audit Corporation. The phone number on the bill is to an automated system (go figure...no one real to talk to). I have since found your website and others in which I am finding there are numerous complaints against this company NCAC. Is there ANYTHING I can do about this situation? I would appreciate any advice or help from anyone. Thank you.


- Various unclassified complaints -
name: J. S.
city: 90045
problem: 01/06/2003
I am a victim of a scam at the Ice Cold Air on Hillsborough Ave. & Town & Country in Tampa, Florida. I took my vehicle to Ice Cold Air to get a coolant flush and the antifreeze found in my radiator turned out to be water with green dye according to several dealerships who verified this for me. I ended up having to replace my radiator and most of my cooling system which in the end costed me $789 plus tax...Please do NOT take your vehicles there as you too will become the victim of these money making con artists!!!???!!! Thanks a lot Kevin R. owner of Ice Cold Air

name: D. P.
city: 90045
problem: 11/20/2002
I sent my son a Moneygram wire in 1994 for $55.00. At the time he was in the service and was unable due to training to pick the money up. So I contacted Moneygram about refunding the wire, and was told at that time I could'nt get a refund, sorry. Then in August 2002, I had to send my son another Moneygram wire of which I did, and was told by a customer service person I had $55.00 on the books, and was told whom to contact to get the refund. This person Mrs. Weems now no longer works for Moneygram, there is a Mr. Gracia who now is in charge of refunds. I have sent a fax transmission of a letter sent to Mrs. Weems because Mr. Garcia says he could'nt find any such letter sent requesting a refund, October 23, 2002. And to this day Nov. 20, 2002 I have not heard anything and I want my money back.

name: S. D.
city: -----
problem: 10/23/2002
Feb.1 2002, I sent through an order for return address labels from the above mentioned company. My cheque was cashed within the week and I expected to receive them within 4-6 weeks. Apr.1 2002 I realized I'd not received them yet and proceeded to contact the company by first e-mailing their customer service dept. 10 days later (Apr. 11) I'd not heard back from them and sent a second e-mail, not response. After no reply again, 5 days later, I found their phone number and called them "long distance" (prime time) approx. 3 times where I was left on hold for 15-20 mins. without anyone answering my call. On the 4th call (mid Apr.), I finally got a hold of someone in Cust. Serv. and expressed my dis-satisfaction with the time it took to have some return address labels delivered. They explained to me that their machine (aka: printer) had broken down, hence the delay, and that the lables would be sent out the next week. I then asked to have a Supervisor call me back to express to them how unhappy I was with their Cust.Serv.-never received a call. I received the labels approx. the last week in Apr.(3 months from the time of original order)which were spelt wrong and were on a sheet of labels that I could have myself properly on my own computer in a much shorter time frame! The week after someone called me from the company to see if I'd received the labels. I explained to them that I did, they were spelt wrong and considering the amount of time it took to receive them I could've done the exact same thing myself and that I would like my money back. The lady explained to me that it was their policy not to refund labels and I could put it towards something else at their company. I told her I wanted nothing to do with her company and again expressed that I'd like a refund. She told me there was no way I would get my money back for the labels. So, I begruggingly reordered my labels (spelt correctly). This company is a joke & should be put out of business!!

name: J. J.
city: 32131
problem: 09/05/2002
I attended the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver....now the Art Institute of Colorado....part of the Art Institutes International. I graduated in 89 from Visual Communications with honors and Portfolio Par Excellence of 70 grads. I was unemployable at the time of graduation and was told to go home and put together an advertising portfolio. I found employment due to prior job experience and could not get a job in my field. I did not know until now that students can sue for breach of contract and am way past my statute of limitations. To make matters worse, I was injured in a car wreck 8 months after grad where I suffered permanent nerve damage to my right arm and hand and spinal injuries so now am unable to hold full time employment. My student loan has gone from $24k to $70k with all the accrued interest and no policy in place for help if you are only partially permanently disabled. I work freelance but cannot pay the $600 month as that is all I average. I am also aware on the alumni site that the school has falsified alum records to give the illusion of success of the grads. One friend of mine is listed as a fine artist when he could also not get a job in the field and has been a house painter for the last 12 years. They listed another as a graphic designer when there wasn't even that position available where she worked as a SECRETARY....so, beware, these schools do not provide a useable education even today from what current grads have told me.

name: E. B.
city: 92845
problem: 05/30/2002
On April 8, 2001, my young son slipped and fell while we were vacationing in Utah. Since there are no Maxicare providers in Utah, we took him to the closest hospital. This was a Sunday, so we called Maxicare the next day to inform them that my son broke his leg and needed emergency care, and gave them all of the information. One month later, Maxicare files bankruptcy. Later on in the year (around October, 2001), I started receiving bills from the hospital, doctors, radiologists, etc. After numerous telephone calls, and advising Maxicare in writing of my dissatisfaction, I ended up filing a complaint with The Department of Managed Health Care. One particular provider was processed incorrectly as an in-area claim. This provider was denied because of that. I called Maxicare to find out what to do, because this provider wanted me to pay ($1,355). After a heated discussion, this individual advised that they did, in fact, screw up and told me to have the provider file an HCFA or UB92 and re-submit the claim. Consequently, it was denied because it was now too late to file a complaint directly to Maxicare. I made numerous telephone calls to The Department of Managed Health Care, and they told me that they can't do anything exept advise the provider the attorney name and case number to file a claim through the court. I discussed this whole issue with our agency that deals with more complex insurance issues (from my work). They called Maxicare to try to help me. Maxicare told them that all claims are being handled through the medical group and that it's the medical groups responsibility. Interestingly, Maxicare mentioned another provider for $120.50 (radiology); for which they wrote a letter to last year advising that they (Maxicare) were responsible. So, I'm basically getting the run around and some of these medical providers have sent me to collections. Clearly fraud and bad faith - but what can I do?

name: J. S.
city: 90277
problem: 04/25/2002
Budget/Ryder Takes me for a Ride!- On or about January 25th I'd ordered a 24ft.truck to take my family, 3bed home and me across the country. The 800 order taker promised a rate of $650 and waived the fee for the car dolly. When I arrived to pick up the truck, I waited at the ANDERSON OHIO RYDER RENTAL for an hour and a half in the snow when the franchise owner pulled up in a fifteen foot truck. He told me he had to wait at another franchise across town and was visibly angry about this, stating, "hey, it's not my fault". When I informed him that I must have a 24 foot truck as I'd just returned from overseas and knew the exact weight of my home, he said, "Ok, I've got one out back you can have". I'd been told by the customer service 800 person I'd get a new or near new truck as this was a cross country haul, (Cincinnati to LA), and I was concerned for the safety of my four year old child and wife. The franchise owner then told me the charge was $1015.00. $100 deposit. I informed him that this was again not what was quoted me on the 800 order, he shouted, STOP YOUR WHINING, DO YOU WANT IT OR NOT. I had no choice as movers were waiting and I took the truck. Before we made it across the river into Kentucky, a nut fell off the top of the driver side mirror, and I had to make an on road repair, myself. The truck itself was old, extremely loud and the air conditioning barely worked. In Missouri, through to Arizona, we crept up hills and mountains at 35mph. We nearly overheated at several points in the journey. In Barstow CA, The power-steering began to fail, and in Torrance Ca. at the drop off the franchise owner told me the truk should never have been rented for an in town move, less a cross country. I recieved the deposit back, and thought that was the end of it. I noticed several weeks later that I was charged a second time for the rental A WEEK LATER!!!!!. When I contacted Ryder they told me they thought it was unusual to be charged twice but to correct this would take 7 to 10 buisness days. I eventually was returned my money, but it was a hassle. I've rented numerous trucks over the years and have never encountered such miscommunication, poor customer service, and awful billing, if not outright fraud in my life. STAY AWAY FROM RYDER/BUDGET IN ANDERSON TOWNSHIP OHIO.

name: S. E.
city: 74012
problem: 04/17/2002
Budget Movers (Tulsa, OK) damaged quite a lot of our furniture (dings and water stains) and one of the two movers was almost completely worthless and lazy! To top it all off, when we called to complain, the owner himself told us to "...go jump in a lake!"

name: E. M.
city: 27606
problem: 03/27/2002
My problem is with a company much like the CRS, this one is called CMS. Ive gotten many many phone calls from these people and "tried" their service and no I cannot cancel my service. Help!

name: F. T.
city: 96789
problem: 03/26/2002
I have had an account with Direct Merchants Bank for approx. 5yrs., I have paid my payments regularly when due, except (1) month, when my wallett was stolen. My daughter notified all credit card company's plus by bank, and everyone was extremely kind and helpful, EXCEPT Direct Merchants Bank!! I was deliquent on one payment, and being on a fixed income(Social Security), I wasn't able to send 2 full payments, however did catch up my account. I received calls from Direct Merchants Bank Reps., 2-3 times a day for 2 months threatening me with reports of bad credit rating, they even had the nerve to call to Thank me for getting my account in order, but I was short $19.00, in interest and they wanted to know how soon I could pay them, or else they would have to add $29.00 more dollars in interest for this overdue amount. I am elderly, and have Heart and Blood pressure problems, so my daughter tries to handle most of these calls, and explained my health, so they insisted she and my son-in-law pay them, or they would have to take further action. They were receiving my payments but not crediting them for 2 weeks, just to collect more interest. These people have extremely shady business practices, and prey on the Elderly with threats and Telephone harrassment. Please stop this Company from harrassing and threatening people, who pay their bills ON TIME, except in unforseen circumstances.

name: D. K.
city: -----
problem: 03/26/2002
Publishers Renewal Service will not cancel an order that I believe they obtained through illegal telemarketing magzine subscription

name: K. B.
city: -----
problem: 03/25/2002
Washington Mutual refuses to remove my name from the ChexSystems report even though the debt was paid in full. They will not return my phone calls, nor will they respond to any of my many emails. I have filed complaints with The BBB, Federal Trade Commissions, and the Office of Thrift Supervision. It clearly states that I paid the amount that was incurred, and that I owe nothing, yet I still can not open an account with ANY financial institution until my name is removed. made on 2-15.

name: J. T.
city: 85210
problem: 03/01/2002
I purchased a wireless phone from quest. the first phone that was sent I never recieved. A new phone was sent to me, but since then I have never recieved credit for the first phone which was sent to the wrong address, my bill has never been correct, and now my phone has been disconnected for non-payment, even though my payment was made on 2-15.

name: C. W.
city: 20036
problem: 01/02/2002
Two years ago I bought a computer for $2,100 through 1-800-gateway. Over the phone, they told me about a $400 rebate when you sign-up up with Compuserve internet service for 3 years. I asked if there was a penalty for cancelling with Compuserve early. Within days I received my computer, and signed up with Compuserve over the phone, and sent in my rebate info. After my rebate didn't show-up from Compuserve, I called, and found that they had set up my account incorrectly. They closed my first account, and opened a second one. After several weeks, I received my $400 rebate. Now, two years later, I have switched over to a DSL service, and called Compuserve to cancel my account. Not only did I have a lot of trouble finding the correct number to call, but the first time they hung up on me, and the second time, I was on hold for 40 (yes, FORTY!) minutes. Very rudely, the Compuserve person told me that I owed them $350 because I didn't fulfill the full 3 yr. contract after having received a $400 rebate. I was shocked because this was the first I heard about a cancellation clause. I was especially upset because I had specifically asked whether there was such a cancellation fee when I bought the computer through Gateway and when I signed up for Compuserve. They lied! The man on the phone spoke to me like I was a child. He asked me if I knew what a contract was! I told him that I wanted to see the peice of paper I signed agreeing to such a thing. He then asked if I knew what an electronic contract was very rudely. I told him to show me any electronic document that I had "signed". He was so rude. I told the man that I would tell all my friends how awful Compuserve was, and not to use them especially since I had other problems with them overbilling my account. He then threatened me, and told me that the phone call was being recorded, and I "don't want to embarass myself". What jerks! So, now I'm stuck paying for an overpriced, slow internet service that bombards my computer with ads, in addition to my DSL service. It stinks!

name: A. B.
city: 87401
problem: 10/18/2001
Recently my wife and I decided to do an "envelope stuffing" program found on realworkathome.com. This is a huge scam. Money is _not_ earned by means of stuffing and mailing envelopes. Quite the contrary, one needs to advertise their product, receive money from those who want to buy the product or are interested in the product. The requests are then sent to Advanced Marketing and only then is money received. If a person lives in a small community, money is nearly impossible to earn. This is just part of the scam. The other part is the $89.95 registration fee, which is returned and even doubled _if_ fifty people have paid to get information on the product being sold. Absolutely none of this is stated in the recruiting ad. Unless a person has time enough to find fifty gullible people to send $5 to the advertiser, the $89.95 is lost. I feel that many people have lost this fee. This company is blantantly misleading those who read their ad and even admitted it to me in an email sent by their customer relations person. I have saved the email and can forward it to your site if you'd like. I highly admonish any who may be interested in this program. It is false advertisement by the mere fact that they have not told the whole truth behind how the money is earned. Again, if it seems too good to be true, it is.

name: L. ?.
city: -----
problem: 10/14/2001
I had a credit account opened with Goodyear who actually use Hurley State Bank to hold the credit account. After some time of being unemployed I fell behind on my payments and they sold the account to another agency, ER Solutions. I have since paid the account in full to ER Solutions but Hurley State Bank will not release the negative information on my credit report. I have repeatedly contacted ER Solutions and since paying my debt 7 months ago Hurley State Bank still has not noted the account as paid!

name: R. W.
city: 33756
problem: 07/18/2001
July 2001: Verizon is still billing me for an account closed in November 2000; in addition, Verizon has just sent it to collection.
I had escalating DSL problems from the start. 2 different techs came to home and checked phone lines. Second tech recommended installing separate modem line. Did that $200.00 with my own money trying to help -same problem. Called VERIZON DSL tech support, tested again, didn’t help. Verizon said I need Static IP Address. He said transfer my home account to Business Account (I have no business - They set me up!) Sean Williams, 877-483-1794 ext 5845 business dept, emailed contract. Waited over 2 wks+, then couldn’t even connect to internet! Very next day, called Verizon Tech Support, they still couldn’t fix it. Called 877-483-6006, told Paul problems, what all we tried, and to cancel service entirely because THEY couldn’t get service running. The cancellation order ... was submitted by Paul Nov 3, 2000. I specifically asked if I needed to contact anybody else in business dept. Paul said NO it is completed with this cancellation order. He made account retroactive to start date August 16, 2000.
NOTE: VERIZON gave me my money back for (retroactive) charges I paid on monthly phone bills. They admitted there was a huge problem with my service, let me out of my year contract lease, and refunded me money!
Month later, received bill from “VERIZON Internet Solutions”. Thought cancellation didn’t go through yet, so didn’t think much of it. Next month received another bill. Called (800)927-3000, said there was NO cancellation record. I explained situation, gave cancellation number, and spoke of Paul’s conversation. I explained when I cancelled Paul told me EVERYTHING would be taken care of by him. Cancelled AGAIN, this cancellation was done in writing by Justin lljana @ 972-399-5856. Thought everything was over until received another bill. Called back, they said because of contract had to pay monthly rate for Business DSL Service. I explained the service NEVER started, Verizon already closed my account/refunded me money, and I shouldn’t be obligated to a closed account. In addition, when Verizon closed/refunded the account, I sent Verizon their modem back in November 2000; therefore, there is no way my account could even be used.
VERIZON sent it to collection. Called Verizon Internet Solutions July 10, 2001, 800-927-3000, Iris transferred me to “Advanced Billing”. Asked for manager – they said NO! Steve (REP ID# 3393, would not give me his last name) said operators are managers and he’s been there 2 yrs, felt sorry for me, sees this all the time, and no recorded of me ever having ANY problems. Bottom line, Verizon wants $449.40+. Verizon says TO PAY WHETHER I GOT ANY SERVICE OR NOT because of contract. Contract SAYS 30 days to cancel…I did. Look where it got me.
All I want is for Verizon to close the entire account as promised, take me off collection status, and leave me alone. Verizon obviously has an internal paper debacle that if ONE person there would take time to investigate - this entire matter could be put to rest. Verizon refuses to let me speak to ANY managers and Verizon's CEO will not return my messages. VERIZON SAYS TO PAY EVEN IF THEY ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE THE SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER. This type of business practice is ethically, professionally, and humanly wrong. Verizon is so big that they just ignore the little guys problem. I REALLY need help. Verizon is abusing its power.
P.S. This is not the only complaint posting I have done. So far my list is up to 45+ different places including local radio, local news/TV, 20/20, better business bureau, dsl reports, New York Times, Washington, State capitals of Florida, Texas and Georgia, attorney general, federal trade commission, Florida Public Service Commission, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Internet Fraud and National Fraud Commission,and more - I am not done!
I am NOT alone, see site: http://bellatlanticpathetic.com/bb.html

name: B. L.
city: 34428
problem: 06/12/2001
On March 15, 2001, I signed a contract for the purchase of a house in Crystal River, Florida. The closing date was scheduled for April 16,2001. At that time, I was assured by the real estate agent, Richard Venticinque; ReMax Realty One that the house would meet FHA standards. The house failed several FHA inspections and the closing was repeatedly delayed for this reason. Mr. Venticinque coerced me into making repairs on the property so that it would pass inspection. He told me that if I did not make these repairs, that he would hire someone else to do it and bill me for it. When I voiced my concerns about investing time and more money into this property before closing, Mr. Venticinque threatened me stating "I have another buyer that will pay more money and you will lose your earnest money" using foul language, which further intimidated me.
I began to get suspicious when my requests for inspection reports were ignored. On the advice of a friend, I hired Jim Bourgoin; Buyer's Broker from "Buyer's Advantage" in Springhill. Mr. Bourgoin has assisted me in learning my rights and responsibilities regarding the purchase of this house. So far, with the assistance of Mr. Bourgoin, I have learned that the house has extensive termite damage which was not disclosed to me, but known to the seller and the real estate agent. According to the contract, I should have been made aware of the termite damage in writing within 4 days of discovery to give me an opportunity to withdraw my offer if I so chose. I was not notified.
After failing numerous FHA inspections and finding the extensive termite damage, I decided that purchasing this property was not in my best interest. Mr. Bourgoin (my representative) has attempted to communicate with Richard Venticinque(realtor) in an attempt to resolve this matter, but was verbally abused by Mr. Venticinque. Attempts made by Mr. Bourgoin to communicate with the broker, Mr. Steve Varnadoe were to no avail either. Mr. Varnadoe does not address the issues at hand, but continually diverts attention away from these issues with personal insults and lies.
Since there were numerous areas where not only the spirit of the contract, but also the letter of the contract were broken by the agent, I feel that I am entitled to a full refund of all money that I spent toward the failed purchase of this property. My out of pocket expenses to date are as follows:
Earnest money...........................1,000.00
Painting supplies and rental equip...200.00
20 hours of labor.............................?????
Total -------------------------------------- $1710.00
I find it difficult to place a dollar amount on the considerable amount of time and energy I put toward this transaction. The real estate agent and his broker, Steve Varnadoe, flat out refuse to refund my earnest money, let alone reimburse me for anything else.
Jim Bourgoin of Buyer's Advantage informs me that although there are regulatory agencies, such as the Florida Real Estate Commission and the local Association of Realtors it would take time in investigating the facts of the transaction. Usually the transaction is whitewashed and the investigation usually takes so long that even if one does not drop their dispute, and an agency does find that illegal/unethical/ or misleading practices were carried out, there is only an insignificant token punishment handed out.
This "wink and a nudge" association between brokers and their regulating agencies leaves me and the rest of the public with little or no recourse for satisfaction. We are merely targets for unethical real estate practices and powerless victims afterward.
It is my hope that you can intervene in this matter for both personal satisfaction and as an expose into the lack of rights potential homeowners face whenever they put up their earnest money in good faith. This may also be a lesson in "Let the Buyer Beware" to not be coerced into activities such as pressure cleaning and painting a prospective property, no matter how insistent the seller's agent is or how he uses his position of control to strong arm people to make happen what he wants to occur. I know there are many more like me that have been taken advantage of in a similar way, but are so embarrassed that they do not speak up. I too, almost took this route; but I realized after mulling this over that the realtors know we will usually shut up out of shame. Well, this time I'm speaking out in the hope that others with like experiences won't endure quietly what I have had to go through.
I would like to add that I will never again enter into a real estate transaction without a buyer's broker. I recommend that EVERYONE buying a piece of property hires a Buyer's Broker and I highly recommend Mr. Jim Bourgoin with Buyer's Advantage in Springhill, Florida.

name: G. W.
city: 92119
problem: 06/08/2001
I believe I have been the victim of a "bait and switch" by Hilton Reservations. However, to give Hilton Reservations the benefit of the doubt, at the very least, a reservation clerk made a mistake which I may have to pay for.
On June 5, 2001 I made a room reservation using the Hilton Honors reservation line for a 1-night stay at a Hilton affiliated hotel in NYC, The Millennium Hotel, Confirm No. # 3133417793.
When making the reservation, I was told that I had until June 20 to cancel the reservation. At no time was I told I was making a non-refundable reservation.
Today, June 8, I called Hilton Reservations to cancel the reservation. I was told that I was calling past the cancellation date of May 8, and that this was a non-refundable reservation. In short, I was out of luck and had to pay for the room whether or not I stayed there. When I asked how it could be that I made a reservation on June 5th, which is a month after May 8, and not be told it was non-refundable, they had no answer.
I immediately asked to speak with guest services in Hilton's Dallas offices, and spoke with a Supervisor, Melissa McCowan, 1-800-446-6677 who informed me Hilton would be charging me regardless of what I said about what the initial reservations agent had told me. Although they would not say so, they were in essence, calling me a liar.
It appears it is now my word against theirs. I have left a message with Ms. McCowan's supervisor, Kendra London. Ms. McCowan said I was wasting my time calling Ms. London, as she will tell me the same thing. In essence, they will not admit their reservations agent made a mistake, they are assuming I am trying to pull a fast one.
I have assured them I will persue this and will take them to court if I have to. I will also be contacting various "complaint" web sites to publicize this matter as much as possible.
I have contacted my credit card company, DIners' Club, who informed me that two "authorizations" for the amount of the room were made on June 6th. Why Hilton asked for two authorizations for a 1-night stay, I do not know. Diners' Club assures me they will dispute the charges on my behalf once they come in.
At this point, the principal of the matter is most important to me, not the money. I am prepared to sue Hilton in small claims court if need be. But, I would prefer they settle the matter properly by not charging me for the room.

name: M.T.
city: 94599
problem: 12/142001
No matter if its their fault and you didn't get what you were lead to believe, Priceline.com customer service insists there is nothing they can do. No changes, no refunds, no nothing. Your bid was accepted, your money is gone and you're screwed. Three calls to customer service later, nothing has changed. Now you're told your case is closed but you can always write headquarters. Thank you, we're sorry, see ya!
Well, Buddy Lee says the buck don't stop there. A wiseman once said "Grasshopper, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease." If it is action you want, be squeaky. Better yet, be downright clanky. Here is a list of names, numbers and emails at Priceline.com. They helped me and hopefully they will help you GET YOUR MONEY BACK!
Good Luck,
M. T.
PS - feel free to repost!
Priceline.com Inc.
800 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854
Phone: (203) 299-8000
SEND FAXES HERE: (203) 595-0160
Employees (last reported count): 355
Rick Braddock Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 27233625#
Jeffery H. Boyd President and Chief Operating Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 269353#
Robert Mylod Chief Financial Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 69563#
Brett Keller Chief Marketing Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 535537#
Ronald V. Rose Chief Information Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 7673766#
Trey Urbahn President, Airlines
(203) 299-8000, 1, 872246#
Christopher L. Soder President, Hotels
(203) 299-8000, 1, 76337#
Jeanne D. Wisniewski Executive Vice President, Human Resources
(203) 299-8000, 1, 9476439#
Lisa Gillingham Senior Vice President, Customer Service and Operations
(203) 299-8000, 1, 4455464426#
Mitch Truwit Executive Vice President, Operations and Product Development
(203) 299-8000, 1, 8789488#
Thomas P. D'Angelo Senior Vice President, Finance and Controller
(203) 299-8000, 1, 3264356#
Lisa Singer Barnes Customer Service Manager
(203) 299-8000, 0
Brian Ek Media Relations
(203) 299-8167
jeff.boyd@priceline.com, bob.mylod@priceline.com, brett.keller@priceline.com, ron.rose@priceline.com, trey.urbahn@priceline.com, anne.wisniewski@priceline.com, lisag@priceline.com, tom.dangelo@priceline.com, lisasinger@priceline.com, brian.ek@priceline.com, rick.braddock@priceline.com, chris.soder@priceline.com, brian.ek@priceline.com
http://www.usatoday.com/life/cyber/invest/ina162.htmPriceline.com - GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

name: J. H.
city: 20176
problem: 01/02/2003
Booked a "3 star" hotel in London through Priceline.com. After my bid was accepted I checked out the hotel which sounded very nice. We arrived in London, very tired and loaded with baggage. Our "3 star" hotel was virtually in a slum and was a filthy little place not close to shops, attractions or restaurants as advertised. Even the local police department suggested we not go out at night. Obviously we couldn't stay and found another hotel. Like idiots we thought when we got back to the States that Priceline would give us a partial refund. What a joke! They stick by their rating system and won't even discuss a refund. I'm totally disgusted with them and my economical little vacation cost me as much as it would have if I had stayed in a luxury hotel.

name: C. F.
city: 61234
problem: 12/29/2002
I booked a car rental and found out that they had an error in the return site. I was told by Hertz that there is nothing they can do. They gave me a toll free number of Priceline. I've called it 8 times, no one will talk with me, they just hang up.

name: E. Y.
city: -----
problem: 12/05/2002
You should NEVER,EVER do business with this company. Last summer I purchased 5 roundtrip tickets to San Juan, PR. American Airlines overbooked the flight and my family was bumped off the flight. We weren't worried until the counterperson told us that since we were not travelling on the date on the ticket (the next flight out was after midnight) our tickets were void. Priceline blamed the American Airlines and American Airlines blamed Priceline. We were able to get to San Juan because we were travelling with my 93 year old grandmother and the counterperson did the right thing. I spoke with a Priceline supervisor (for at least an hour, who was unhelpful and basically told me these tickets were worthless. We also found out that since we missed the flight the return tickets were void. I sent e-mails and letters to Priceline - no response. I then had to purchase 5 one way tickets to come home. Once I was home I called Priceline to try to get some of my money refunded. I was told that there was no supervisor with the name I had been given and that the return tickets could have been used. BUYER BEWARE THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST COMPANIES I HAVE EVER DONE BUSINESS WITH.

name: J. T.
city: 47803
problem: 10/16/2002
I purchased tickets through Priceline.com. I did realize that to some degree there were no refunds but I didn't realize that you could not have changes made. I was checking on the status of my ticket through the airline carrier Delta to make sure all of my plans were as stated in my itinerary that Priceline.com sent me. Let me tell you, I was speechless when they told me that the reservations that I had made were cancelled on Delta's computers. I spent several DAYS calling trying to get things taken care of. In the mean time, I needed the flight changed leaving from my destination a day sooner. The Customer Service Personnel told me that since I have had all of this trouble that when she figured out what had happened to my tickets being cancelled that she would change my departure date to help make up for all of the trouble I went through. After I received no calls about anything dealing with the problems I was having, I called Priceline myself and found out that the tickets had been reinstated but the departure dates had not been changed as was agreed. I then called Delta airlines to make sure that it was reinstated and it wasn't. They had no record of a reinstatement. I tried getting a refund because I was tired of all of the hassel and even let them know I was turning them in to the Better Business Bureau and contacting my lawyer. Regardless of what I said, they did not care. They basically stole $250 from me and did not care. I believe that Priceline is the scam of century. I just can't believe they are legally stealing from people and nothing is being done about it.

name: L. C.
city: 02124
problem: 10/01/2002
I attempted to purchase airline tix on 9/25/02 of this year to Raleigh, NC and ended up with tixs to Greensboro, NC. Now I am forced to rent a car and a hotel room the first night that I arrive because my flight doesn't get into Greensoboro, NC until close to 11pm and my family and friends are more than an hour away from where I will arrive. I feel that I was mislead by the wording in the "contract" and the no refund policy is unfair. When I called to complain the customer svs reps response was "It is 64 or 65 miles away from Raleigh so if you drove 60 miles an hour, how long do you think that it would take you to get there." I will never use this company again. I was not surprised to see the many complaints on this website and other sites about this company. It's funny I had never used priceline before because I was skeptical abt their svs but something came up and I needed a reasonable price for airline tixs and look what happens. I didn't even get the price that I wanted it cost me $100 more than I expected for the airline tix and flying into unwanted site and have to pay additional cost just for using this service. NEVER AGAIN!

name: B. O.
city: 89146
problem: 09/06/2002
I bought a round trip ticket to Europe for myself and for my wife from Priceline.com. I am flying with United Airlines and my wife is flying with Iberia Airlines! This does not look like a fun trip for a husband and wife, each going its own way. Calling Priceline is no use. I feel so stupid to have even tried to buy a ticket from Priceline. I will refuse to take delivery of their ticket, I will dispute the CC charge, and will never ever call Priceline again.

name: V. B.
city: 91933
problem: 08/14/2002
In June 2002 I booked a car rental in Cleveland Ohio for use in August. Priceline.com promptly billed my credit card and had use of the funds for over 2 months. When it came time for the rental I was unexpectedly too ill to travel. I wanted to assign the care rental to another person and AVIS would not allow this. It seesm as though it is shady business practice to "double dip" and charge priceline, not complete the rental per my instructions (although the new driver met their criteria) and then go on to rent the same car to another person. All I wanted was to assign a different driver.

name: R. R.
city: 99752
problem: 06/17/2002
After purchasing tickets through Priceline, while still "signed-in" I wanted to research a price on round trip tickets for my mother from FL to NY. When I went to search for the tickets Priceline charged my credit card for tickets it found without "Confirming" that i wanted to actually purchase these tickets. I don't have a problem with the departure time but the return date needed changing because of the length of time. Not only were they rude about it they won't make changes, even though I was willing to pay penalties. I am out a hell of a lot of money because I don't know if my mother will even travel on the dates. So NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I purchase tickets for trips through priceline, nor will I travel the airline that accepted the terms and is unwilling to help me out with changes to the ticket. Even with enough advance notice. I will go out of my way to know how I was treated by this company and how they won't try to help people with ticket problems. It was suggested that even if my mother was dead they wouldn't refund or change the ticket. What kind of a company claiming to help people with cheap fares won't help those they've freely RIPPED OFF!

name: K. E.
city: 44406
problem: 02/22/2002
I went to the website Priceline.com and requested a flight from Columbus, OH to Las Vegas, NV. I asked to fly from 2/23-2/23. What I got was a flight that arrived home on the 2/25 at 9AM. I immediately called Priceline and begged them to help me change these useless tickets. They were very rude and not helpful. I cannot take off work on 2/25 and so I am now out $800 for three tickets that I cannot use. I feel that they are very misleading on their website and that a lot of innocent people are suffering from their disservice. Please help me if you can!

name: R.W.
city: 23233
problem: 07/302001
I bid on a hotel in Boston in the Copley area, (with a witness at the computer) and was given a hotel in the Cambridge area. We rechecked my bid and it was for Copley alone. I emailed Priceline and they maintained I had bid for all of Boston, which was absolutely false. I reached customer service and the unchanging mantra was "you are wrong and you will never get your money back". This is a corrupt outfit. They are either just sloppy and nasty, or deliberately dishonest. Stay away.

name: A. D.
city: 78728
problem: 07/18/2001
I am another Priceline.com sucker. Just as I clicked on the confirm button, my eyes caught the "No refunds on this purchase" statement buried in a size 5 font in the middle of a huge paragraph. I begged and pleaded to no avail with the so-called customer service rep who was politely condescending. So now I will be taking my 8 year old daughter through NY city at 1:00am. It's a shame that Priceline is still in business. I will be discussing this matter with the state attorney general's office. I encourage others to do the same.

name: J. G.
city: 92124
problem: 07/16/2001
I wanted to add 1 more day on my car rental through priceline and their entire customer service department should change their name to "customer disservice." I will never go through them again.

name: P. S.
city: 19057
problem: 05/25/2001
Price Line.com. I did get a good price on a ticket but they would not even try to change my flight time.The Airline was willing to work with me but price line would not!!! I waisted the money because I can not go the distance I intended for just pretty basicly one day.The flight is not until September and they would not even talk to the Airlines.

name: S. A.
city: 21075
problem: 05/02/2001
On 02/05/01 at 5:07 pm (EST), we went on-line to Priceline.com to order 5 Round-trip Non-Stop Airline tickets from Harrisburg Intl. to Detroit-Wayne County & back. (I'm claustrophobic & have a fear of flying, so I just want to get on the plane & off as quick as possible). We received confirmation for 5 Round-trip Connecting tickets & even the times for flights weren't what we asked for. We thought they'd give us an option for either direct or connecting flights with different prices, as a result they issued us connecting flight tickets. As of this date(05/02/01) we are trying to get these tickets cancelled and get our money refunded. It's really a shame that so many hardworking people get ripped off by companies like Priceline.com.

name: S. A.
city: 94115
problem: 04/18/2001
I requested airlines tickets on Priceline.com. I wanted to plan a 3 day week end on memorial day from Saturday to Monday in San Diego. I requested to leave San Francisco early morning on Saturday and return on monday from San Diego late in evening. What I have got was tickets leaving SF at 2:39 pm and returning on monday at 6:20 am! What a memorable memorial day!!! The worst thing is there is nothing I can do to change or transfert my tickets. I am completely stuck! Priceline.com SUCKS! At least we should be able to choose the timetable and have the choice to cancel the order!

name: F. L.
city: 94803
problem: 11/15/2000
I'm another one of those suckers whose got conned by the priceline.com screw your customer scheme. I bought two tickets didn't realize you are locked into to the flight times they stipulate and recieved a flight completely unvailble to myself and my wife. Forcing both of us to take time off work to use the tickets or see our money go to waste!

name: G. M.
city: 66044
problem: 10/29/2000
I bid on roundtrip plane tickets for two & never received a confirmation within 60 minutes as priceline.com promised. Over 90 minutes later, I rec'd two emails from priceline.com at the same time, one confirming my bid, the other confirming my purchase. The plane tickets were routed from Kansas City to Chicago to Nashville and the trip took 5 hours. I'm attending an ill person on the flight. Changing planes and lengthy layovers are not an option.
When I didn't hear from Priceline.com within the time period they specified, I purchased tickets from an airline for a non-stop, 1 hr 45 min, flight that cost 10 cents more than Priceline who promised, on their web page, up to a 40% savings over airline prices. Plus, they added $55.90 worth of taxes and fees to my bid amount! Perhaps a more apt name for such unethical practices would be "pricelying.com".
When I rec'd the simultaneous emails from Priceline, I called *immediately*. The customer service reps were rude, unhelpful, and downright nasty. They refused to terminate the transaction. I next called Mastercard who said the purchase had gone through (probably done as I was complaining to those priceline.com swine). I'm told I need to enter a dispute process after I receive the paperwork. The Mastercard service rep left little hope. She said a similar thing happened to her sister and priceline.com would not mediate with Mastercard about it.
Now that I've researched it, there are complaints all over the internet about this shoddy outfit. My story is an all too familiar one. I refuse to be screwed by this unethical sleazey outfit.

name: S. H.
city: 97008
problem: 08/24/2000
I was on Priceline.com to purchase tickets from PDX to BUR. I requested peak hours for travel and 1 connection. What I received was not anywhere near what I ordered. I received confirmation that I had tickets from PDX to SFO and from SFO to BUR leaving PDX at 5:50 pm and arriving at BUR at 9:47 pm. With a layover in SFO of approx. 1 1/2 hours. Return times were also supposed to be 1 connection from BUR to PDX leaving BUR at 6:55pm and arriving in SFO at 8:02 pm, leaving SFO and arriving in PDX at10:57 pm. Not hardly peak travel times or 1 connection flights. I immediately called Priceline and was told that what I got is what I am stuck with and I would have to pay for the tickets whether I used them or not. I called my credit card company and was told that I could dispute the charge but it might take up to 90 days to settle. In the meantime if I don't use the tickets and get a flight that is compatible with my needs I will be stuck for the price they have charged me. The credit card comnpany also informed me that if the website says no refunds or changes that I will probably lose the dispute and lose the money. So begrudgingly I will use the tickets and recommend everyone that I send e-mail to or talk to not to ever use priceline.com.

name: A. K.
city: Houston, TX
problem: 08/24/2000
Priceline.com uses deceptive and vague selling practices to rip you off!
I purchased a last minute weekend ticket and was sold a 48 hour plane ride,with over a half a day of stopover time. I was allowed all of 4 hours in my desination city.
Upon contacting their Priceline.com, I was told that they could not cancel the transaction and that it was not their policy to change or refund tickets. This was clearly stated on their web site, so I asked them if they would credit my Visa for the amount, due to the fact that I was so dissatisfied with the tickets they had sold me. Needless to say, they were not willing to make any consent in order to make me happy or to keep me as a customer.
I have made several reports to consumer agencies concerning Priceline.com and have filed a dispute claim with my credit card company. I have also made my concerns known to my local and state representatives. I intend on securing a refund for my tickets as well as innitiating a policy change at Priceline.com
The kind of policy that Priceline.com uses is unethical and inexcuseable.
I believe it should be illegal to sellunseen merchandise or services without some kind of return or refund policy.

name: D. M.
city: 29617
problem: 07/21/2000

name: J. Y.
city: 93449
problem: 06/12/2000
unclear instructions - bad customer service - and NO refunds, whether you've made a mistake or not.
I wanted to take a flight to Philadelphia, arriving on July 21st. The instructions and cautions NEVER specifically state that while you have to agree to a flight between 6 am and 10 pm, connecting flights do not have to go in between those times. I attempted to book a flight for the 21st...my credit card was charged...and the itinerary received. I found that I had been booked for a flight arriving at my destination after midnight, in other words, on the July 22nd, not July 21st.
And while the instructions given to you by Priceline do state that your ticket price cannot be refunded to you, I mistakenly believed that you would have a chance to give a final approval once the flight was located.
Despite the e-mails I've sent, all I've received is a pair of form letters, and judging from other comments I've seen here, customer service by telephone won't do me much good either. Has anyone found a way to get Priceline to either a)refund tickets or b)change flight times? There HAS to be a way around them somehow.

name: Julie
city: 77084
problem: 6/01/2000
Never, ever, EVER do business with Priceline.com
I made the ultimate mistake when I bought some airline tickets online through Priceline.com. What would`ve been a 1 hour flight to Shreveport has turned into a 4.5 hour ordeal that routes me through eastern-Egypt and gets me home after midnight. All this abuse for $35 less than the ideal flight!!!
Here is the kicker: Priceline.com charged me another 36.6% (OVER the ticket price I agreed to) in hidden, undisclosed charges AFTER I named my price. The itsy bitsty print on their website basically allows them unended, undisclosed fees, taxes, fuel charges, etc. Neither American Express nor American Airlines could (or would) do anything to get me a refund.
Within two minutes of my e-mail notice of ticket arriving, I called AmEx, then Priceline (these are the most abusive, beligerant, threatening people in the world!!!), AmEx, AmEx travel and American Airlines. The ticket I was sold was so worthless, it wasn`t worth having!!! Customer service personnel at American Airlines told me, "I hate Priceline.com, they are ruining the travel industy. I hear nothing but nightmares about them!" Gee thanks, American Airlines and AmEx for doing business with these people!!!
All I want is a refund so that I can go straight to Continental and pay a legitimately disclosed fare and get on with my life!!!

name: L. O.
city: 20832
problem: 03/21/2000
I recently made a bid on priceline. I noted on my bid I would make no more than one connection, not fly off peak hours, and that and infant would be accompanying me ( which i would be paying a full price ticket for). My bid was accepted, and as I read the conformation I was stunned. The flight they "congratulated" me for getting would be leaving just after 4pm from Baltimore Md, making two connections totaling over 5 hours of layover time to arrive in portland Maine at nearly midnight, then I saw the price the fees and taxes were almost have of the cost. I had read on their site "7.5" taxes was average plus a small fee of $5. Being that I needed to attend to a family emergency i called the 800 number to see if perhaps some accomidation/adjustments could be made since this is not what i had bidded on nor was it exceptable. The smug customer service rep told me "It's done there's nothing that can change it, it's not our fault" and "you still have to pay for the tickets". I filled out the form noting what I wanted, pricelines job was to find me that. Obviously there was a blanted disregard for the request. Only to be topped off with exorbiant fees and rude, hard to reach customer service represenatives. Price Line for your service and thougtfulness, for letting me know I got screwed, I will return the favor by telling anyone and everyone.

name: J. F.
city: 02865
problem: 03/23/2000
Jay Graham
4331 Equity Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43228
Dear Mr. Graham:
I recently had taken some issue with a practice of Priceline.com and was given your name and address. First of all I do not mean any information in this letter to be a personal attack on you, my issue is with Priceline.com's business practices. Now let me tell you what I take issue. On February 18, 2000 at approximately 7:45-8:00 pm I attempted to place a request for a hotel room for the night of February 19, 2000. I clicked the submit button and some screens flickered and then the building I was in, my work, lost complete power, thus I lost everything I was working on. I was not sure if my request went through so I waited and no email was received, so I made an attempt to call your 800 number to make sure the request had not went through, to prevent duplicate billing. When I called the system asks for a hotel request number which I did not have due to the power outage, and I had used this service before and know that the request number placed on the screen after successful submission and also in a email. I did not have either of these. So I used the option of entering the credit card number that the request was placed with, which I did several times and was told repeatedly by this friendly machine that the credit card is invalid and to use another card. Well it was 11 pm by now and I went home assuming the transaction was never placed.
I sent an email to try to get the request number or status or both. Oh how I was wrong. Today March 2, 2000 I receive a credit card bill, the one whose number I entered to talk to an operator and was told it was invalid, was billed for $47. Mr. Graham this brings me to 2 points:
1)I exhausted all of my efforts to no avail; I never received an email confirming the acceptance of my offer, nor an email acknowledging that I had even submitted a request. Your system needs some checks
2)This point, to be honest, really bothers me the most. I was told by Wes B. #4728. supervisor on duty ,after finally getting to speak to someone in your customer service department that the fault was all mine and that Priceline.com was in no way responsible for what happened. Now I will explain my case to you.
Yes this was all triggered by a power outage, but there are other alternatives that did not work correctly. First your customer service department has a record of an email being sent to me at 9:04 pm this email was never received. Secondly, attempting to look out for my best interests I send in an email via the website. I never received a response. Next I attempted to call the 800 number that you give on your website. This was a failure, Wes tells me tonight that if you input a number over and over again that it will send you to an operator. Well that did not happen either, the phone system hung me up. I get my credit card bill today and see that Priceline.com has charged me $47, oh great I get to pay for something I did not know I bought. Well seeing the charge I attempt to call again the phone system does the same routine to me again. I call my credit card company and explain, they advise me to dispute the charge or turn it over to fraud. I give Priceline.com one more chance via email and explain basically everything that I have included in this letter. I finally am sent the form that says your Request has been accepted. Thus now I call the 800 number and am told by everyone that I talk to that this is my problem and that it is not Priceline's policy to refund or change requests. Mr. Graham I really would like to talk with you in person on this issue, but the people in customer service would only give a name and address. If you get a chance please call me anytime. Mr. Graham I have used your service in the past and have turned many family and friends on to it. Please don't force me to have to change an opinion of a great thing. I am not asking for a refund of the $47, I just want to have late Valentine's Day with my wife that I tried to plan. I am hoping we can make this right. I will include all the information below. Thank you for your time.
J. D. P.
I have been given an address for a person at Priceline.com who handles all of their complaints.
Email: info@priceline.com
For Complaints:
Jay Graham
4331 Equity Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43228
Corporate Info, including the CEO and address:
Richard S. Braddock
5 High Ridge Park
USA - Stamford,, CT06905
Phone: 203-705-3000
Fax: 203-595-0160

name: M. A.
city: 02865
problem: 02/22/2000
I mistakenly entered a transaction on the Priceline.com web site, I noticed my mistake called immediately to demand cancellation. I was told that there are no cancellations even though my transaction for flight request was still not fulfilled. I stayed online with a customer service supervisor for 25 minutes and during that time a flight I didn't want was automatically chosen and charged to my AMEX. I called AMEX who sympathized, but said they couldn't do anything until the next billing cycle (20 days from now). My flight is in 31 days....what can I do to fight for my rights. I've even asked if I can pay a cancellation fee, but was rejected. HELLLLLP.

name: J. C.
city: 55976
problem: 02/11/2000
I requested airline tickets from Priceline.com. I wanted round-trip tickets from Minneapolis to Las Vegas for three adults. I requested NO connecting flights. Priceline found tickets for me at my price, but they had a stop-over in Phoenix! I called them within minutes of receiving my E-mail from them, and I was cut off while waiting for a "manager". I called them again, and talked to "Justin", who claimed he was the highest manager of the company. He would not listen to my complaint - he just quoted the fact that ALL Priceline.com's flights may have a connecting flight. He stated that it was on their web page. I do not doubt that it may have been, but it was not obvious. Justin would not listen to my arguement, and then he hung up on me! I am working with my VISA company to see what I can do to cancel this charge. They have had other complaints against Priceline.

name: M. W.
city: 89107
problem: 12/13/1999
I requested tickets to go to a church Conference On October 22-23, 1999 in Phoenix AZ. I requested to leave Las Vegas early morning on October 22, 1999 and to return on October 23, 1999. What I got was tickets leaving Las Vegas at 10 p.m. On October 22,1999 and returning on October 23, from Phoenix at 8 a.m. These were totally unuseable. I immediately notified them by return email at least 4 times with no answer. I cancelled them on my credit card, but they still appeared. When I talked to Priceline.com after I spent more that an hour on the phone I was informed by the rude customer service rep at Priceline that it was my own touogh luck. So I was forced to purchase the correct tickets to go to the conference.

name: M. S.
city: 90266
problem: 08/1999
Based on their numerous ads, I decided to purchase airline tickets from Priceline.com.
I sent in my information and the amount that I could afford with the expecation that I would have to pay standard taxes and fees in addition to my bid amount which are generally 8 to 10%. However, my final ticket cost had fees & taxes which exceeded 17% of the ticket price. I have been unable to reach a human representative on Priceline's customer service line and they have emailed me that there is no way that they can cancel or refund my ticket. I'd like to warn consumers that Priceline's fees can exceed the standard fees charged by most travel agencies and to read the fine print and then click again to read the finer print!

Stay Away From Consumers Readers Service!
name: J. B.
city: 72032
problem: 08/28/2002
I too have been tricked into buying them thinking that they were magazine source. Stay away from these ppl.

name: C. S.
city: 02144
problem: 02/28/2002
I had the same problem with the Readers Service Magazine. They blatantly tricked me then told me there was no way to break the committment because it was a verbal agreement. I want my money and peace of mind back.

name: S. P.
city: 13676
problem: 02/10/2002
Consumer Reader Service is SHADY, I am in college and got the 1/2 hour call from these people and stupidly gave out my credit card info to them. they talked their way around and around in circles untill they had me buying this and that. Yes I got tricked but I also after getting their verification call canceled my subscriptioin order. Now I say cancelled but I wasn't sure so I called my bank and canceled the card. So hopefully that'll put a stop to the annoyance I've come to know as CRS

name: R. E.
city: 99577
problem: 10/10/2001
My problem is with "Consumer Readers' Service" I got a call from them a couple months ago, they had a great deal on magizines. They even lowered the monthly rate to help me out. Well first, I have only seen a couple of these magazines. And then, I get my bill and it has some interesting extra charges I never agreed to. So Discover has been investigating that supposedly. I have wanted to call and talk to them. But noone ever picks up, not even an answering machine. Then I start getting calls that from them in my machine that they want their money. They say that the only time to call them is before noon. Well this must be noon China time, because nobody is there at those times. Overall, these people disgust me and their name should be changed to COnsumer Readers' DIService

name: D. D.
city: 29406
problem: 09/08/2001
I have experienced the same problems with Consumer Readers Service as the other people on this site. This company, which also goes by the name Readers Service Magazine, led me to believe that they were a company that I was already doing business with--they even already had my credit card number! I have been in contact with them several times, but they have failed to provide any written documentation to substantiate their claim that the service cannot be cancelled. They have also failed to reply to any one of the SEVERAL letters I have sent to them on the matter. Today (08Sept01) I went to my lawyer's office to get some advice and explore my options. I am going to contact each individual magazine publisher and cancel my so-called "subscription" with them directly. I truly hope that this website can generate enough complaints on Consumer Readers Service to warrant an investigation. I would greatly appreciate anything that might help me end this on-going saga.

name: S. T.
city: 08830 problem: 03/28/2001
I have a problem with this one company called Consumer Readers Service. I want to cancel my subscription and they say its impossible. I just want to know how could I can stop them from calling my home, because my wife is in her last stages of pregnancy. Can I ask my telephone company to put a block this No.? Everyone - please stay away from these telemarketers - especially Consumer Readers Service.

B. Z.- November 30, 1999
I am on medication for a chronic illness. The day (11/12/99) that I received a telephone call from Consumers Readers Service, I was suffering from a debilitating migraine and, was, at that point in time, just trying a new medication from my rheumatologist. Needless to say, I was somewhat groggy and quite ill. I believed that Consumers Readers Service (referred to as "CRS") was the same company that I already used. Not the case, I use Consumers Periodicals Service ("CPS"), and so far am pleased with their service.
My husband called (11/29/99) "CRS" to cancel their service, and a female said there is "no way" to cancel -- how can that be? My husband was appalled at the very unprofessional way this person handled his call. My husband, almost immediately, called American Express, and the bill will not be received by us until around 12/10/99. The American Express Representative explained to my husband that once we received the billing, they might be able to get involved at that point, but could not do anything for us at this time. (Of course, my husband and I would like to know if we are doing the right thing by waiting to receive the American Express billing.)
I then placed a call to "CRS", and explained to a female, Kathy, that my husband had just placed a call to their company, and I then asked several questions regarding why we cannot cancel this service, as I believed at the time they called they were actually the service I now use. She explained to me that is their policy, and maybe I could have my doctor write a letter, even though their are "no guarantees" it will take care of the problem (cancelling their service). She was quite nice, but not really very helpful.
I believe, as a consumer, I have the right to cancel this service anytime I care to. That is the way we have always done business, and we have never had a problem.
Thank you very much for your time and cosideration. I understand you will be giving me advise via Email. According to "CRS", I am running out of time. Can you help me right away, or can I at least hear from you as far as how long it might take?

name: S. J.
city: 53223
problem: 09/14/2000
If I get one more f#@$%ng call from Consumer Reader's Service I'm going to f#@$%ng kill myself.
Here's how it started. It was 6 years ago, I was in college. I received a call from this nice woman on the phone. Now keep in mind, I never had a telemarketer call me before. She goes through this spiel that seems to take a 1/2 hr and she offers up some magazines that I would read. It all sounded fucking DANDY! So I got signed up. Now every couple of months they call me again, saying "this is just a courtesy call...we don't want to set you up with more magazines...which magazines that you currently get do you like...OKAY WE'LL INCREASE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ON THOSE MAGAZINES...my supervisor will call in a minute to RECORD your conversation and confirmation."
They did this to me today for the whole 5 minutes I was home for lunch. I even fucking asked her if I could let ALL of my subscriptions to run out. SHE SAID "NO, THERE IS NOT WAY TO DO THAT." I was so much in shock, that I let her ramble through everything. I had to get back, so I let the phone ring when her "supervisor" called back. I will not pickup the phone for a long time now, or, if I do, I will hang-up on anyone I don't know.

If you have had any problems with this company, please file a complaint report we will add your comments to these. Conversly, you may send positive comments and they will be added as well.

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