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ConsumersRevenge.Com offers consumers the ability to auto-post complaints about poor customer service, poor quality products, and bad consumer experiences. Ripped off? Pissed off? FILE A COMPLAINT! Already filed a consumer complaint on another website? FILE ANOTHER! Let them know you aren't going to take it any more! Bad product? Product or service that doesn't perform as expected? Post a complaint to warn others! Consumers can also visit "Ask Andy" and ask questions regarding any consumer issue. Questions are answered by a resident expert, or referred to our legal staff for response, all at no cost to the consumer. Links to other sites of consumer interest are also provided. Please feel free to post complaints or pass along suggestions! We have been in business since 2000 and proudly stand by our reputation for helping the consumer... please help us by posting a link to our site on yours if you feel we are providing a valuable service!

We support consumer advocacy, and and have a complaint review committee which acts on serious issues or those reported by many people. You should post a complaint if you have been a victim of a ripoff, poor service, fruad or purchased a bad/defective product (or one unsuited for its advertised use.) Mail order scams, shifty politicians, bad auto deallers, bad online or brick-and-mortar schools, airlines and shady vacation deals are the subject of many reports. Don't keep your problem to yourself! help save someone else from becoming a victim!

Our posting forum is SSL secured and unless extensive abuse is indicated will permit posting without registration. Registration is optional at this time. Our complaint database is searchable, and we also maintain our old records outside of the database. These can be found best by using our site search engine.

Andrew M. Shecktor, President of consumersrevenge.com will running for Mayor of Berwick PA in the 2017 elections after having lost by only a small margin in the 2013 primary. To learn more of this, visit his site at:

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Thank you SO much PNC! After 25 years of service you they have advised me that they have killed their free business checking and are now charging an unreasonable fee and demanding a huge deposit to maintain checking without this fee!!! I am heading down to your lousy bank Saturday and cancelling ALL my accounts and switching them to my local bank, First Keystone, who still cares about its customers! I encourage anyone else affected to do the same - let the bank know by the loss of our dollars how much we hate them! Share this with all your friends and spread the word across the world if you think this is unreasonable!

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Lemon Law - PA and NJ

MyLemon.com offers free Lemon Law help for Pennsylvania and New Jersey consumers of defective cars.

DVD Empire - Save On DVD Movies!

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Infographic: Obamacare's Unconstitutionality by the Numbers

The Cost of Socialized Medicine: Obamacares Unconstitutionality by the Numbers. An infographic by the team at MasterOfPublicHealth.org

ObamaScare The Book

ObamaScare a book by Phil Berg. Hes back! Phil Berg, gone for two years, his website hacked by those opposed to his radical opinions, is back bigger and badder than ever with his release of "ObamaScare." This powerful book reveals Barack Obama's plan to undermine the United States by surreptitiously bypassing all manner of law and by radical jackbooting of his opposition. Phil has been called a crackpot, a tin hat, a nutcase, and other derogatory names, but he backs all of his opinion with personal interactions, news stories and historical data. Chills will run up your spine when you read what he has to say - the path we are headed on is scarier than a Stephen King novel. Aside from his career ending mission to expose Obama's true birthright (AKA Barry Soetoro), Berg has set out to expose Obama's numerous impeachable and egregious acts of treason that have been suppressed by the mainline press. This book will get you thinking and seeking more information and and I won't even mention the wildest revelations - you will have to read the book to find out!

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