Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Post a consumer complaint on our "Complaints" page!

ConsumersRevenge.Com offers consumers the ability to auto-post complaints about poor customer service, poor quality products, and bad consumer experiences. Ripped off? Pissed off? FILE A COMPLAINT! Already filed a consumer complaint on another website? FILE ANOTHER! Let them know you aren't going to take it any more! Bad product? Product or service that doesn't perform as expected? Post a complaint to warn others! Consumers can also visit "Ask Andy" and ask questions regarding any consumer issue. Questions are answered by a resident expert, or referred to our legal staff for response, all at no cost to the consumer. Links to other sites of consumer interest are also provided. Please feel free to post complaints or pass along suggestions! We have been in business since 2000 and proudly stand by our reputation for helping the consumer... please help us by posting a link to our site on yours if you feel we are providing a valuable service!

We support consumer advocacy, and and have a complaint review committee which acts on serious issues or those reported by many people. You should post a complaint if you have been a victim of a ripoff, poor service, fruad or purchased a bad/defective product (or one unsuited for its advertised use.) Mail order scams, shifty politicians, bad auto deallers, bad online or brick-and-mortar schools, airlines and shady vacation deals are the subject of many reports. Don't keep your problem to yourself! help save someone else from becoming a victim!

Any spam or non-consumer complaint will be removed by the moderator.

Questions on consumer issues may be sent via the contact form on this page!