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  2. (Sample from our old website:)

    Do not book with Priceline they will rip you off and there is no customer services!

    Markus Knerr

    Bad experience and useless customer service

    I don't even know why anyone would book with your company. I booked a hotel on your website and it was until I got my credit card bill that I found out you charged me in US dollars. My bill for 2 nights came to $217.96 Canadian dollars, at least that is what I thought I was being charged. When I got my credit card bill it came to $290.17, your company ripped me off $73 and I would like my money back! I went and looked back at your website and you go through 4 pages to book the hotel and no where does it clearly say the prices are in US dollars. It is not until you get to the last page in very small print no where even near the amount that you are paying does it say you are paying in US dollars.

    This is such dishonest way of doing business and do not know how your company gets any business with the way you advertise. The USD should be clearly stated right beside the price that is posted on every page. You will be definitely losing lots of customers in Canada and other countries the way you advertise. I will never be booking through any of your sites again and will be telling everyone not to book through your sites if I do not get my money returned to me. I will be further escalating my complaint to the US and Canadian better business bureau if my money is not returned to me and your websites is not updated to clearly state the prices.

  3. (Posted for D.M - 11/4/2016)
    I booked a room on
    Unfortunately it was for the wrong city. I did not realize that the hotel
    was in Cranberry PA and that I needed Cranberry Township, PA. Honest
    mistake I think. Yes this is my error, but when I tried to move to
    another hotel. No luck. When I tried to get any type of refund. No luck.
    Instead Priceline said refunds could be made if the hotel would agree. I
    called the hotel. The hotel "HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS" said that only priceline
    could make a exception to the policy. Priceline told me that only the
    hotel could make an exception . No body would acknowledge that they had any
    authority. They just kept blaming the other party. It would be nice to be
    able to talk to someone that did not lie to me and that had some
    authority. Don't tell me you can't do it. You just choose to keep my
    money and rip me off.



  4. So battling with Comcast and getting no where... we upgraded to a faster internet speed and moved tel and internet / wireless to Comcast from Verizon, because speeds were at snails pace there...In the chat with the salesman I said several times, she liked her shows and line up of channels and just add in the new and increase the speeds for we did not list every channel she has in that conversation but the rep said yes to my ...keep what she has... and never said she would lose anything... then day after the change / install... she lost her channel for watching Mass! Channel 56... and now they say because we did not specifically say it on the phone call... list it out... that we will need to pay extra for it...! I said that is bait and switch and what if your banker or doctor or dentist did that! I have complained to the FCC, The BBB, Yelp and Facebook, and also reached out to the news stations... I am waiting on all of that to maybe get involved... as I go from rep to rep who just says PAY MORE and we will give you that channel back. If anyone has any ideas of what else can be done??? I feel like taking out a petition online to have people contact Comcast and say "GIVE JEAN BACK HER CHANNEL 56!" I will if I can... this is awful... Comcast made 94,5 BILLION last year and they are trying to go back on their word over $20 a month? Shame on them.... We can reverse it and have Verizon back for internet and phone... and go back to her old line up including channel 56... but we should not have to do that..... she should not have to lose any channels or we should have been TOLD that would happen...

    Any ideas? There is no competition for Comcast... Only they and Verizon do a cabled network... everything else is a dish and that goes out in back weather too much... fios is coming through Verizon, but not this year! Nightmare... Help! Anyone know anyone important? LOL Poor mom, she only wants to watch her Mass, and is a Comcast customer 25 years! Wow...
    R Smith