United Parcel Service Complaints

name: R. S.

problem: 07/23/2001

city: 14850

Here's a copy of a complaint email that I have just sent to that I wish to make it public. In short, UPS sent me a postcard that said to call them b/w M-F to provide delivery instructions. I received the card on Saturday, so I waited til Monday to call them. However, I found out that they could've received my call on weekends. This caused unnecessary delay, and they are shipping my package back to the shipper even though it is currently at local UPS branch. Their customer service representative on the phone did not take my complaint seriously either, and refused to let me talk to her manager or give me a mailing address to send a complaint letter. I XXXXX-ed her name just to be fair since I am not providing my full name on this site. I will provide it if there is a request:

Dear Sir/Madame at UPS:

I am writing you to report WRONG INFORMATION that you have been sending to your customers. The fact that you lied to customers should be taken seriously, and you owe us more than an apology. There also is some fundamental problems with the way you handle undeliverable package. I am deeply disappointed in your service, and I decided to let you know the problem before I stop using your service permanently.

I have received a post card from you this Saturday, July 21st. (See attachment) Basically, it said that a package was not deliverable because the receiver moved, and if I don't call back by certain date that the package will be returned to the sender. It was postmarked on July 17th, 2001.

It told me to call you from 7am-0:00pm Monday through Friday 'to provide delivery instructions'. Since I received the post card on Saturday, there was no way of calling you until Monday (today). However, according to your phone representatives to whom I spoke today, your call center is actually open on the weekends! The fact that you did not state the correct phone center hours on the postcard is a serious violation to customers' rights to know. Because today is the expiration date of you holding my package at local UPS center, I was told that the only way of picking up a package is if I come down to the UPS center before 5PM. If you stated the correct phone center hours on the postcard, I could have called on Saturday (the day I received the postcard) so that the package can be delivered to me today! I don't have a car, so there is no way of picking up my package without paying for a cab, which is expensive. I cannot afford that. Again this problem was caused by wrong information provided to a customer--which you are entirely responsible for.

According to XXXXX in North Carolina phone center, the package was first delivered on July 6th, and she complained to ME that UPS held my package for longer than you needed to. First of all, if your delivery person realized that my package was undeliverable because 'receiver moved', there obviously is no point in holding the package for 10 more days until July 16th for re-delivery to the old address. (Post card states that on July 16th, you 'received a package(s)' for me -- which again seems to be a misleading piece of information since it sounds like its first delivery attempt was done on July 16th.) This is an unnecessary delivery delay caused by UPS. I shouldn't get yelled by your customer service representative because you held the package longer than usual.

Ms XXXXX also claimed that the postcard was sent on July 16th through USPS, and that gave me full 5 business days for me to take an action before the package gets sent back to the shipper. The fact that it was postmarked on July 17 means even though your attempt was made to send the postcard was on July 16th, it technically was 'sent' on July 17th. Full 5 business days from July 17th should give me until tomorrow, July 24th -- which would have worked out even if I called today(Monday) by following YOUR information given on postcard to call between Monday-Friday. It is true that postcards usually get delivered in less than 5 days as Ms. XXXXX claimed. However, if the only way of you reaching a receiver who has moved is through USPS's mail forwarding service, you simply cannot assume that it'll get to the receiver's new address 'in 2 days' as Ms. XXXXX claimed. You need to alter the '5-day holding period' policy to be more customer friendly, especially since you knew that the receiver moved. In fact, I received the forwarded postcard on Saturday July 21st -- which took 5 days since the postmark date even though my move was within same zip code. (If someone has moved out of state, the mail forwarding service would take longer -- which makes your postcard notification service useless to most customers who couldn't receive their package due to their recent move.)

By the way, my old address was in a complex where packages are received by the property office -- where they keep my forwarding address on their own in case this type of problem occurs. The fact that your delivery person did not realize that fact means that he/she simply drops packages off in the office without talking to anyone in the office -- which is another problem since your delivery confirmation aren't done properly.

Moreover, Ms XXXXX refused to give me a chance talk to her supervisor or anyone else who listens to customer's complaints. She also refused to give me a mailing address of UPS's complaint service. She implied that UPS has no time to listen to customer's complaints, and there's no point in arguing with her. This is a clear indication that UPS does not care about customers' satisfaction.

Not only UPS provides wrong information on customers and inadequate package holding time, you do not take customers complaints seriously -- I am glad that there are more competent shipping options so that I can live without UPS service.


Update 07/30/2001

The update to this problem is that I got email back from UPS's email support representative. Her help was useless too since all she did was transfer the responsibility to a local UPS staff, even though there was nothing that local staff could do to begin with. (By the time she transferred the responsibility to the local staff, the package has left the local branch--which she should be able to find out before she instruct the local staff to call me. There was simply no way to stop that package from being shipped back to the sender, and I was instructed to call the sender to send the package again. I think it's unfair that UPS cannot take over this role, since it's this whole situation was caused by UPS giving me a wrong phone center hours on the post card. However, the customer support did not show any sign of correcting this problem in the future.

name: S. C.

problem: 06/07/2001

city: 11220

A UPS driver double parked trapping me and my daughter in our car. He couldn't miss the fact that we were the only parked car along that street with the engine running and people in it. I honked my horn and he merely ignored us. He slowly unpacked the truck and made his delivery. He never apologized or acknowledged our presence. In effect, we were held captive my UPS! We will never use them again.

name: R. D.

city: 53703

problem: 12/24/2000

Ed. Note:

I would not advise using Federal Express... They are MUCH worse than UPS in this regard!:

I have actually had pretty good luck with UPS - they even sent a driver back on Christmas Eve. with a package that was delivered while I was away. :

I did have to sign a permanent waiver, however to have packages delivered when no one was around. I didn't like doing this as a package may arrive during a vacation and sit until I return. :

In any event, I don't think there are any perfect delivery services, and it seems that service varies from state to state and even city to city.

Iíve had problems receiving packages shipped via UPS in the past. I come home to find a yellow tag on my apartment door because I wasnít waiting there to sign for the package whenever a driver showed up. Iíve left notes for the drivers, tried talking to the drivers and Iíve called the 800 number on the tag and spoken to customer service representatives many times. I have tried to explain that I canít be at home to sign for packages and that I want them left at my door. I live in a safe secure building with interior doors. Leaving packages shouldnít be a problem and it isnít for other carriers. With only one exception the drivers and Customer Service reps have shown no consideration, concern or understanding whatsoever and have acted like complete jerks as well. Iíve simply been told that the driver canít leave packages without a signature. Occasionally they have tried to lie to me, saying that the person sending the package had specified that a signature was required. Itís actually a UPS policy that they spout like mindless automatons and have been completely inflexible about when I have tried to reason with them. UPS representatives have told me that if I canít be there to sign for the package I should make other arrangements. In effect, refusing to acknowledge their unwillingness to deliver the package or the inconvenience to me - implying that the problem was somehow my fault not theirs.

On Friday December 22nd a UPS driver brought the Christmas package that I was expecting from my family to my door but didnít leave it. Instead, he left a yellow tag marked signature required for delivery and that UPS would attempt to redeliver the package on Tuesday the 26th - the day after Christmas.

I called the 800 number on the tag and spoke to a customer service representative, pointing out the irony and stupidity of the situation. The person I spoke to suggested that I should have had the package delivered to where I work. When I told her I was not allowed to receive personal packages where I work she had no response and once again spouted UPS policy. She then told me that I could drive to the UPS centre at 8350 Murray Drive in Middleton on Saturday the 23rd and pick up the package myself - it would be waiting there for me.

Saturday morning I tried to find the address but couldnít. I tried to call the 800 number again but couldnít get through to a person. I tried looking in the phone book but could only find their 800 number - there were no addresses or other telephone numbers listed. It was only after stopping at a gas station and asking if anyone knew where the UPS centre was, that I was finally able to find it.

I assumed that I would walk in, give someone my yellow tag, pick up my package, celebrate Christmas and go on about my life. I ended up waiting for more than an hour in their cold customer waiting area with as many as a dozen people in the same or similar situation while the UPS employees tried to find my package. The main person I dealt with was sarcastic and smug; he seemed to be holding back laughter as I got more and more irritated and angry. He suggested several scenarios that could have happened and places where my package might be. One of those scenarios was that the package might have been put on a truck and taken back out in spite of the fact that I was told that I would be able to pick it up. In the end when I asked him where my package was, he said ďI donít knowĒ and when I asked what I was supposed to do, he said ďI donít know.Ē

This wasnít an issue of the address on the package being bad or wrong, this wasnít an issue of the package not being shipped in time. The package was actually brought to my door and then taken away because some heartless asshole in a brown shirt cared more about following company policy than delivering a package that might be very important to someone. My Christmas gifts sit in a box somewhere at UPS because they wouldnít deliver them in the first place and now have lost them.

As I was leaving, I told the UPS representative that I didnít mean to take this out on him but that he should let his superiors, or anyone who cared, know that I would never do business with UPS again or any company that uses UPS. I also told him that I intended to contact the Better Business Bureau, that I intended to send this message to everyone in my address book, that I was going to find any opinions or ratings service on the internet and give UPS the lowest possible rating. I immediately regretted trying to be nice, compassionate or considerate to him at all though, because he just continued to smirk, act as if it was all some kind of joke and not even respond.

At this point there is no satisfactory resolution possible. The package from my family will not be found or delivered until well after Christmas if at all.

I know that Christmas is not supposed to be about gifts but I wish all of these fine employees of UPS could know how it feels to wake up Christmas morning alone without a single gift from their family in expression of their love or wishes for happiness.

If you have received packages from UPS without any problems, consider yourself lucky. I will never ship anything with UPS again, I wonít order anything online or through the mail if the company uses UPS, I ask that anyone who ships anything to me in the future does not use UPS.

I am sending this to everyone in my address book and anyone else I might think of later. I strongly urge all of you to reconsider shipping anything with UPS - there are a lot of other options, even the U.S. Postal Service would be a better choice.

If you have had any problems with this company, please file a complaint report we will add your comments to these. Conversly, you may send positive comments and they will be added as well.