name: M.T.

city: 94599

problem: 12/142001


No matter if its their fault and you didn't get what you were lead to believe, customer service insists there is nothing they can do. No changes, no refunds, no nothing. Your bid was accepted, your money is gone and you're screwed. Three calls to customer service later, nothing has changed. Now you're told your case is closed but you can always write headquarters. Thank you, we're sorry, see ya!

Well, Buddy Lee says the buck don't stop there. A wiseman once said "Grasshopper, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease." If it is action you want, be squeaky. Better yet, be downright clanky. Here is a list of names, numbers and emails at They helped me and hopefully they will help you GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

Good Luck,
M. T.
PS - feel free to repost! Inc.
800 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854
Phone: (203) 299-8000

SEND FAXES HERE: (203) 595-0160
Employees (last reported count): 355
Rick Braddock Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 27233625#
Jeffery H. Boyd President and Chief Operating Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 269353#
Robert Mylod Chief Financial Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 69563#
Brett Keller Chief Marketing Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 535537#
Ronald V. Rose Chief Information Officer
(203) 299-8000, 1, 7673766#
Trey Urbahn President, Airlines
(203) 299-8000, 1, 872246#
Christopher L. Soder President, Hotels
(203) 299-8000, 1, 76337#
Jeanne D. Wisniewski Executive Vice President, Human Resources
(203) 299-8000, 1, 9476439#
Lisa Gillingham Senior Vice President, Customer Service and Operations
(203) 299-8000, 1, 4455464426#
Mitch Truwit Executive Vice President, Operations and Product Development
(203) 299-8000, 1, 8789488#
Thomas P. D'Angelo Senior Vice President, Finance and Controller
(203) 299-8000, 1, 3264356#
Lisa Singer Barnes Customer Service Manager
(203) 299-8000, 0
Brian Ek Media Relations
(203) 299-8167


WEB:,4586,2631034,00.html - GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

name: J. H.

city: 20176

problem: 01/02/2003

Booked a "3 star" hotel in London through After my bid was accepted I checked out the hotel which sounded very nice. We arrived in London, very tired and loaded with baggage. Our "3 star" hotel was virtually in a slum and was a filthy little place not close to shops, attractions or restaurants as advertised. Even the local police department suggested we not go out at night. Obviously we couldn't stay and found another hotel. Like idiots we thought when we got back to the States that Priceline would give us a partial refund. What a joke! They stick by their rating system and won't even discuss a refund. I'm totally disgusted with them and my economical little vacation cost me as much as it would have if I had stayed in a luxury hotel.

name: C. F.

city: 61234

problem: 12/29/2002

I booked a car rental and found out that they had an error in the return site. I was told by Hertz that there is nothing they can do. They gave me a toll free number of Priceline. I've called it 8 times, no one will talk with me, they just hang up.

name: E. Y.

city: -----

problem: 12/05/2002

You should NEVER,EVER do business with this company. Last summer I purchased 5 roundtrip tickets to San Juan, PR. American Airlines overbooked the flight and my family was bumped off the flight. We weren't worried until the counterperson told us that since we were not travelling on the date on the ticket (the next flight out was after midnight) our tickets were void. Priceline blamed the American Airlines and American Airlines blamed Priceline. We were able to get to San Juan because we were travelling with my 93 year old grandmother and the counterperson did the right thing. I spoke with a Priceline supervisor (for at least an hour, who was unhelpful and basically told me these tickets were worthless. We also found out that since we missed the flight the return tickets were void. I sent e-mails and letters to Priceline - no response. I then had to purchase 5 one way tickets to come home. Once I was home I called Priceline to try to get some of my money refunded. I was told that there was no supervisor with the name I had been given and that the return tickets could have been used. BUYER BEWARE THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST COMPANIES I HAVE EVER DONE BUSINESS WITH.

name: J. T.

city: 47803

problem: 10/16/2002

I purchased tickets through I did realize that to some degree there were no refunds but I didn't realize that you could not have changes made. I was checking on the status of my ticket through the airline carrier Delta to make sure all of my plans were as stated in my itinerary that sent me. Let me tell you, I was speechless when they told me that the reservations that I had made were cancelled on Delta's computers. I spent several DAYS calling trying to get things taken care of. In the mean time, I needed the flight changed leaving from my destination a day sooner. The Customer Service Personnel told me that since I have had all of this trouble that when she figured out what had happened to my tickets being cancelled that she would change my departure date to help make up for all of the trouble I went through. After I received no calls about anything dealing with the problems I was having, I called Priceline myself and found out that the tickets had been reinstated but the departure dates had not been changed as was agreed. I then called Delta airlines to make sure that it was reinstated and it wasn't. They had no record of a reinstatement. I tried getting a refund because I was tired of all of the hassel and even let them know I was turning them in to the Better Business Bureau and contacting my lawyer. Regardless of what I said, they did not care. They basically stole $250 from me and did not care. I believe that Priceline is the scam of century. I just can't believe they are legally stealing from people and nothing is being done about it.

name: L. C.

city: 02124

problem: 10/01/2002

I attempted to purchase airline tix on 9/25/02 of this year to Raleigh, NC and ended up with tixs to Greensboro, NC. Now I am forced to rent a car and a hotel room the first night that I arrive because my flight doesn't get into Greensoboro, NC until close to 11pm and my family and friends are more than an hour away from where I will arrive. I feel that I was mislead by the wording in the "contract" and the no refund policy is unfair. When I called to complain the customer svs reps response was "It is 64 or 65 miles away from Raleigh so if you drove 60 miles an hour, how long do you think that it would take you to get there." I will never use this company again. I was not surprised to see the many complaints on this website and other sites about this company. It's funny I had never used priceline before because I was skeptical abt their svs but something came up and I needed a reasonable price for airline tixs and look what happens. I didn't even get the price that I wanted it cost me $100 more than I expected for the airline tix and flying into unwanted site and have to pay additional cost just for using this service. NEVER AGAIN!

name: B. O.

city: 89146

problem: 09/06/2002

I bought a round trip ticket to Europe for myself and for my wife from I am flying with United Airlines and my wife is flying with Iberia Airlines! This does not look like a fun trip for a husband and wife, each going its own way. Calling Priceline is no use. I feel so stupid to have even tried to buy a ticket from Priceline. I will refuse to take delivery of their ticket, I will dispute the CC charge, and will never ever call Priceline again.

name: V. B.

city: 91933

problem: 08/14/2002

In June 2002 I booked a car rental in Cleveland Ohio for use in August. promptly billed my credit card and had use of the funds for over 2 months. When it came time for the rental I was unexpectedly too ill to travel. I wanted to assign the care rental to another person and AVIS would not allow this. It seesm as though it is shady business practice to "double dip" and charge priceline, not complete the rental per my instructions (although the new driver met their criteria) and then go on to rent the same car to another person. All I wanted was to assign a different driver.

name: R. R.

city: 99752

problem: 06/17/2002

After purchasing tickets through Priceline, while still "signed-in" I wanted to research a price on round trip tickets for my mother from FL to NY. When I went to search for the tickets Priceline charged my credit card for tickets it found without "Confirming" that i wanted to actually purchase these tickets. I don't have a problem with the departure time but the return date needed changing because of the length of time. Not only were they rude about it they won't make changes, even though I was willing to pay penalties. I am out a hell of a lot of money because I don't know if my mother will even travel on the dates. So NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I purchase tickets for trips through priceline, nor will I travel the airline that accepted the terms and is unwilling to help me out with changes to the ticket. Even with enough advance notice. I will go out of my way to know how I was treated by this company and how they won't try to help people with ticket problems. It was suggested that even if my mother was dead they wouldn't refund or change the ticket. What kind of a company claiming to help people with cheap fares won't help those they've freely RIPPED OFF!

name: K. E.

city: 44406

problem: 02/22/2002

I went to the website and requested a flight from Columbus, OH to Las Vegas, NV. I asked to fly from 2/23-2/23. What I got was a flight that arrived home on the 2/25 at 9AM. I immediately called Priceline and begged them to help me change these useless tickets. They were very rude and not helpful. I cannot take off work on 2/25 and so I am now out $800 for three tickets that I cannot use. I feel that they are very misleading on their website and that a lot of innocent people are suffering from their disservice. Please help me if you can!

name: R.W.

city: 23233

problem: 07/302001


I bid on a hotel in Boston in the Copley area, (with a witness at the computer) and was given a hotel in the Cambridge area. We rechecked my bid and it was for Copley alone. I emailed Priceline and they maintained I had bid for all of Boston, which was absolutely false. I reached customer service and the unchanging mantra was "you are wrong and you will never get your money back". This is a corrupt outfit. They are either just sloppy and nasty, or deliberately dishonest. Stay away.

name: A. D.

city: 78728

problem: 07/18/2001

I am another sucker. Just as I clicked on the confirm button, my eyes caught the "No refunds on this purchase" statement buried in a size 5 font in the middle of a huge paragraph. I begged and pleaded to no avail with the so-called customer service rep who was politely condescending. So now I will be taking my 8 year old daughter through NY city at 1:00am. It's a shame that Priceline is still in business. I will be discussing this matter with the state attorney general's office. I encourage others to do the same.

name: J. G.

city: 92124

problem: 07/16/2001

I wanted to add 1 more day on my car rental through priceline and their entire customer service department should change their name to "customer disservice." I will never go through them again.

name: P. S.

city: 19057

problem: 05/25/2001

Price I did get a good price on a ticket but they would not even try to change my flight time.The Airline was willing to work with me but price line would not!!! I waisted the money because I can not go the distance I intended for just pretty basicly one day.The flight is not until September and they would not even talk to the Airlines.

name: S. A.

city: 21075

problem: 05/02/2001

On 02/05/01 at 5:07 pm (EST), we went on-line to to order 5 Round-trip Non-Stop Airline tickets from Harrisburg Intl. to Detroit-Wayne County & back. (I'm claustrophobic & have a fear of flying, so I just want to get on the plane & off as quick as possible). We received confirmation for 5 Round-trip Connecting tickets & even the times for flights weren't what we asked for. We thought they'd give us an option for either direct or connecting flights with different prices, as a result they issued us connecting flight tickets. As of this date(05/02/01) we are trying to get these tickets cancelled and get our money refunded. It's really a shame that so many hardworking people get ripped off by companies like

name: S. A.

city: 94115

problem: 04/18/2001

I requested airlines tickets on I wanted to plan a 3 day week end on memorial day from Saturday to Monday in San Diego. I requested to leave San Francisco early morning on Saturday and return on monday from San Diego late in evening. What I have got was tickets leaving SF at 2:39 pm and returning on monday at 6:20 am! What a memorable memorial day!!! The worst thing is there is nothing I can do to change or transfert my tickets. I am completely stuck! SUCKS! At least we should be able to choose the timetable and have the choice to cancel the order!

name: F. L.

city: 94803

problem: 11/15/2000

I'm another one of those suckers whose got conned by the screw your customer scheme. I bought two tickets didn't realize you are locked into to the flight times they stipulate and recieved a flight completely unvailble to myself and my wife. Forcing both of us to take time off work to use the tickets or see our money go to waste!

name: G. M.

city: 66044

problem: 10/29/2000

I bid on roundtrip plane tickets for two & never received a confirmation within 60 minutes as promised. Over 90 minutes later, I rec'd two emails from at the same time, one confirming my bid, the other confirming my purchase. The plane tickets were routed from Kansas City to Chicago to Nashville and the trip took 5 hours. I'm attending an ill person on the flight. Changing planes and lengthy layovers are not an option.

When I didn't hear from within the time period they specified, I purchased tickets from an airline for a non-stop, 1 hr 45 min, flight that cost 10 cents more than Priceline who promised, on their web page, up to a 40% savings over airline prices. Plus, they added $55.90 worth of taxes and fees to my bid amount! Perhaps a more apt name for such unethical practices would be "".

When I rec'd the simultaneous emails from Priceline, I called *immediately*. The customer service reps were rude, unhelpful, and downright nasty. They refused to terminate the transaction. I next called Mastercard who said the purchase had gone through (probably done as I was complaining to those swine). I'm told I need to enter a dispute process after I receive the paperwork. The Mastercard service rep left little hope. She said a similar thing happened to her sister and would not mediate with Mastercard about it.

Now that I've researched it, there are complaints all over the internet about this shoddy outfit. My story is an all too familiar one. I refuse to be screwed by this unethical sleazey outfit.

name: S. H.

city: 97008

problem: 08/24/2000

I was on to purchase tickets from PDX to BUR. I requested peak hours for travel and 1 connection. What I received was not anywhere near what I ordered. I received confirmation that I had tickets from PDX to SFO and from SFO to BUR leaving PDX at 5:50 pm and arriving at BUR at 9:47 pm. With a layover in SFO of approx. 1 1/2 hours. Return times were also supposed to be 1 connection from BUR to PDX leaving BUR at 6:55pm and arriving in SFO at 8:02 pm, leaving SFO and arriving in PDX at10:57 pm. Not hardly peak travel times or 1 connection flights. I immediately called Priceline and was told that what I got is what I am stuck with and I would have to pay for the tickets whether I used them or not. I called my credit card company and was told that I could dispute the charge but it might take up to 90 days to settle. In the meantime if I don't use the tickets and get a flight that is compatible with my needs I will be stuck for the price they have charged me. The credit card comnpany also informed me that if the website says no refunds or changes that I will probably lose the dispute and lose the money. So begrudgingly I will use the tickets and recommend everyone that I send e-mail to or talk to not to ever use

name: A. K.

city: Houston, TX

problem: 08/24/2000 uses deceptive and vague selling practices to rip you off!

I purchased a last minute weekend ticket and was sold a 48 hour plane ride,with over a half a day of stopover time. I was allowed all of 4 hours in my desination city.

Upon contacting their, I was told that they could not cancel the transaction and that it was not their policy to change or refund tickets. This was clearly stated on their web site, so I asked them if they would credit my Visa for the amount, due to the fact that I was so dissatisfied with the tickets they had sold me. Needless to say, they were not willing to make any consent in order to make me happy or to keep me as a customer.

I have made several reports to consumer agencies concerning and have filed a dispute claim with my credit card company. I have also made my concerns known to my local and state representatives. I intend on securing a refund for my tickets as well as innitiating a policy change at

The kind of policy that uses is unethical and inexcuseable.

I believe it should be illegal to sellunseen merchandise or services without some kind of return or refund policy.

name: D. M.

city: 29617

problem: 07/21/2000


name: J. Y.

city: 93449

problem: 06/12/2000

unclear instructions - bad customer service - and NO refunds, whether you've made a mistake or not.

I wanted to take a flight to Philadelphia, arriving on July 21st. The instructions and cautions NEVER specifically state that while you have to agree to a flight between 6 am and 10 pm, connecting flights do not have to go in between those times. I attempted to book a flight for the credit card was charged...and the itinerary received. I found that I had been booked for a flight arriving at my destination after midnight, in other words, on the July 22nd, not July 21st.

And while the instructions given to you by Priceline do state that your ticket price cannot be refunded to you, I mistakenly believed that you would have a chance to give a final approval once the flight was located.

Despite the e-mails I've sent, all I've received is a pair of form letters, and judging from other comments I've seen here, customer service by telephone won't do me much good either. Has anyone found a way to get Priceline to either a)refund tickets or b)change flight times? There HAS to be a way around them somehow.

name: Julie

city: 77084

problem: 6/01/2000

Never, ever, EVER do business with

I made the ultimate mistake when I bought some airline tickets online through What would`ve been a 1 hour flight to Shreveport has turned into a 4.5 hour ordeal that routes me through eastern-Egypt and gets me home after midnight. All this abuse for $35 less than the ideal flight!!!

Here is the kicker: charged me another 36.6% (OVER the ticket price I agreed to) in hidden, undisclosed charges AFTER I named my price. The itsy bitsty print on their website basically allows them unended, undisclosed fees, taxes, fuel charges, etc. Neither American Express nor American Airlines could (or would) do anything to get me a refund.

Within two minutes of my e-mail notice of ticket arriving, I called AmEx, then Priceline (these are the most abusive, beligerant, threatening people in the world!!!), AmEx, AmEx travel and American Airlines. The ticket I was sold was so worthless, it wasn`t worth having!!! Customer service personnel at American Airlines told me, "I hate, they are ruining the travel industy. I hear nothing but nightmares about them!" Gee thanks, American Airlines and AmEx for doing business with these people!!!

All I want is a refund so that I can go straight to Continental and pay a legitimately disclosed fare and get on with my life!!!

name: L. O.

city: 20832

problem: 03/21/2000

I recently made a bid on priceline. I noted on my bid I would make no more than one connection, not fly off peak hours, and that and infant would be accompanying me ( which i would be paying a full price ticket for). My bid was accepted, and as I read the conformation I was stunned. The flight they "congratulated" me for getting would be leaving just after 4pm from Baltimore Md, making two connections totaling over 5 hours of layover time to arrive in portland Maine at nearly midnight, then I saw the price the fees and taxes were almost have of the cost. I had read on their site "7.5" taxes was average plus a small fee of $5. Being that I needed to attend to a family emergency i called the 800 number to see if perhaps some accomidation/adjustments could be made since this is not what i had bidded on nor was it exceptable. The smug customer service rep told me "It's done there's nothing that can change it, it's not our fault" and "you still have to pay for the tickets". I filled out the form noting what I wanted, pricelines job was to find me that. Obviously there was a blanted disregard for the request. Only to be topped off with exorbiant fees and rude, hard to reach customer service represenatives. Price Line for your service and thougtfulness, for letting me know I got screwed, I will return the favor by telling anyone and everyone.

name: J. F.

city: 02865

problem: 03/23/2000

Jay Graham
4331 Equity Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43228

Dear Mr. Graham:

I recently had taken some issue with a practice of and was given your name and address. First of all I do not mean any information in this letter to be a personal attack on you, my issue is with's business practices. Now let me tell you what I take issue. On February 18, 2000 at approximately 7:45-8:00 pm I attempted to place a request for a hotel room for the night of February 19, 2000. I clicked the submit button and some screens flickered and then the building I was in, my work, lost complete power, thus I lost everything I was working on. I was not sure if my request went through so I waited and no email was received, so I made an attempt to call your 800 number to make sure the request had not went through, to prevent duplicate billing. When I called the system asks for a hotel request number which I did not have due to the power outage, and I had used this service before and know that the request number placed on the screen after successful submission and also in a email. I did not have either of these. So I used the option of entering the credit card number that the request was placed with, which I did several times and was told repeatedly by this friendly machine that the credit card is invalid and to use another card. Well it was 11 pm by now and I went home assuming the transaction was never placed.

I sent an email to try to get the request number or status or both. Oh how I was wrong. Today March 2, 2000 I receive a credit card bill, the one whose number I entered to talk to an operator and was told it was invalid, was billed for $47. Mr. Graham this brings me to 2 points:

1)I exhausted all of my efforts to no avail; I never received an email confirming the acceptance of my offer, nor an email acknowledging that I had even submitted a request. Your system needs some checks

2)This point, to be honest, really bothers me the most. I was told by Wes B. #4728. supervisor on duty ,after finally getting to speak to someone in your customer service department that the fault was all mine and that was in no way responsible for what happened. Now I will explain my case to you.

Yes this was all triggered by a power outage, but there are other alternatives that did not work correctly. First your customer service department has a record of an email being sent to me at 9:04 pm this email was never received. Secondly, attempting to look out for my best interests I send in an email via the website. I never received a response. Next I attempted to call the 800 number that you give on your website. This was a failure, Wes tells me tonight that if you input a number over and over again that it will send you to an operator. Well that did not happen either, the phone system hung me up. I get my credit card bill today and see that has charged me $47, oh great I get to pay for something I did not know I bought. Well seeing the charge I attempt to call again the phone system does the same routine to me again. I call my credit card company and explain, they advise me to dispute the charge or turn it over to fraud. I give one more chance via email and explain basically everything that I have included in this letter. I finally am sent the form that says your Request has been accepted. Thus now I call the 800 number and am told by everyone that I talk to that this is my problem and that it is not Priceline's policy to refund or change requests. Mr. Graham I really would like to talk with you in person on this issue, but the people in customer service would only give a name and address. If you get a chance please call me anytime. Mr. Graham I have used your service in the past and have turned many family and friends on to it. Please don't force me to have to change an opinion of a great thing. I am not asking for a refund of the $47, I just want to have late Valentine's Day with my wife that I tried to plan. I am hoping we can make this right. I will include all the information below. Thank you for your time.

J. D. P.


I have been given an address for a person at who handles all of their complaints.

For Complaints:
Jay Graham
4331 Equity Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43228

Corporate Info, including the CEO and address:
Richard S. Braddock
5 High Ridge Park
USA - Stamford,, CT06905
Phone: 203-705-3000
Fax: 203-595-0160

name: M. A.

city: 02865

problem: 02/22/2000

I mistakenly entered a transaction on the web site, I noticed my mistake called immediately to demand cancellation. I was told that there are no cancellations even though my transaction for flight request was still not fulfilled. I stayed online with a customer service supervisor for 25 minutes and during that time a flight I didn't want was automatically chosen and charged to my AMEX. I called AMEX who sympathized, but said they couldn't do anything until the next billing cycle (20 days from now). My flight is in 31 days....what can I do to fight for my rights. I've even asked if I can pay a cancellation fee, but was rejected. HELLLLLP.

name: J. C.

city: 55976

problem: 02/11/2000

I requested airline tickets from I wanted round-trip tickets from Minneapolis to Las Vegas for three adults. I requested NO connecting flights. Priceline found tickets for me at my price, but they had a stop-over in Phoenix! I called them within minutes of receiving my E-mail from them, and I was cut off while waiting for a "manager". I called them again, and talked to "Justin", who claimed he was the highest manager of the company. He would not listen to my complaint - he just quoted the fact that ALL's flights may have a connecting flight. He stated that it was on their web page. I do not doubt that it may have been, but it was not obvious. Justin would not listen to my arguement, and then he hung up on me! I am working with my VISA company to see what I can do to cancel this charge. They have had other complaints against Priceline.

name: M. W.

city: 89107

problem: 12/13/1999

I requested tickets to go to a church Conference On October 22-23, 1999 in Phoenix AZ. I requested to leave Las Vegas early morning on October 22, 1999 and to return on October 23, 1999. What I got was tickets leaving Las Vegas at 10 p.m. On October 22,1999 and returning on October 23, from Phoenix at 8 a.m. These were totally unuseable. I immediately notified them by return email at least 4 times with no answer. I cancelled them on my credit card, but they still appeared. When I talked to after I spent more that an hour on the phone I was informed by the rude customer service rep at Priceline that it was my own touogh luck. So I was forced to purchase the correct tickets to go to the conference.

name: M. S.

city: 90266

problem: 08/1999

Based on their numerous ads, I decided to purchase airline tickets from

I sent in my information and the amount that I could afford with the expecation that I would have to pay standard taxes and fees in addition to my bid amount which are generally 8 to 10%. However, my final ticket cost had fees & taxes which exceeded 17% of the ticket price. I have been unable to reach a human representative on Priceline's customer service line and they have emailed me that there is no way that they can cancel or refund my ticket. I'd like to warn consumers that Priceline's fees can exceed the standard fees charged by most travel agencies and to read the fine print and then click again to read the finer print!

If you have had any problems with this company, please file a complaint report we will add your comments to these. Conversly, you may send positive comments and they will be added as well.