Fingerhut Complaints!

name: S. H.

city: 93722

problem: 10/23/2002

Fingerhut issued merchandise to a family member and I found out when we went to do a home mortgage. I have perfect credit and now have a negative score due to this account. A fingerhut representative told me to have this person pay off the account and they would remove it from my credit. They have not done so. When I called to check the status they said they will not remove it because it has been paid off and that it is my account. They are rude and the supervisors will not return my phone calls.

name: R. S.

city: 78753

problem: 10/09/2002

tryed to get Fingerhut to remove an item from my crdeit report and they will not even take the time to do so as the item was returned to them as being defective. I sent a letter to their attorneys office in the form of a retraction and it's been about a year and the stuff is still on my credit reports as being never paid for with an outstanding balance due of $194.00. Can some one please help me out with the problem of fingerhut /Axsys National bank?

name: D. E.

city: 38506

problem: 04/23/2002

Prior to September 1999, we had ordered many times from Fingerhut with success and satisfaction. However, we placed an order for jewelry (birthday gift) and luggage (moving needs) and then our troubles with Fingerhut began.
1. Sept. 27, 1999 - placed phone order for jewelry and luggage.
2. Oct 15, 1999 order arrives.
3. Oct 19, 1999 called to receive authorization to return the jewelry (not satisfied with the quality). Because we were moving in less than 14 days, they couldn't guarantee that the UPS return shipping tags would arrive before we had to move. So, they told us to send the items back and that we would also receive a credit on the cost of the shipping we paid, after they received the merchandise back. We also sent PAYMENT IN FULL for the luggage to them in the same box. 4. Oct 25, 1999 credit to our account for the jewelry returned $59.99 (no shipping credited!).
5. Nov 12, 1999 credit to our account of the luggage ordered for the $413.16. This is almost THREE WEEKS after they received the payment in the mail!
6. Oct 28, 1999 - Our family moves across country.
7. Jan 31, 2000- Forwarded mail from previous address is finally received. Statement from Fingerhut shows that there is still $35.94 owing on the account (jewelry) and they have now added TWO LATE FEES of $18.00 each and interest charges for a total now owing of $72.80. (the original cost of the jewelry was only $59.99!)
8. Feb 3, 2000- PHONE CALL FROM FINGER HUT COLLECTION DEPT. They stated we had an outstanding balance of $79.00! After speaking with a Supervisor, and feeling very upset and frustrated with the mess, we agree to pay by "phone check" $39.00 to "clear the account". We informed them we wanted our accounts closed as we will not long do business with Fingerhut at any time in the future. We are told we must send in a letter with this request (we send the letter the next day).
9. March 2000 - Sept 2000 We continue to receive harasssing phone calls and statements from Fingerhut and then "Axsys National Bank" showing a balance due and late fees and interest acruing each month. Each time we send letters stating the facts to them, each time we are assured by "Supervisors" that this problem will be resolved. (LIES)
10. Feb 6, 2001 - Account is turned over to a Collection Agency. After receiving a letter and copies of the statements, they contact Fingehut to tell them that they believe the account balance to be "wrong and a mistake on the part of Fingerhut".
11. Feb 6, 2001 - April 19, 2002 FOURTEEN MONTHS NO CONTACT BY FINGERHUT OR COLLECTION AGENCIES. We assume the problem is solved.
12. April 19, 2002 - Fingerhut again turns the account over to a NEW Collection Agency and they now show a balance owing of $119.32 and that it now showing as a 'charge off' and a 'derogitory' on our credit report. After speaking with the collection agent, he suggests we also send them copies of all we previously sent to Fingerhut. They assure us that this is how Fingerhut works. They "bounce these accounts to unsuspecting Collection Agencies, then when the agency determines from the 'debtor' that there is no genuine debt owed, the account is then sent back to Fingerhut, who then starts the process all over again with another unsuspecting Collection Agency."
13. We contacted "Barb" and "Wendy" in the Fingerhut Credit Advantage Account Customer Services Dept. - Charged Off Accounts (yes, that is the actual title of the department she gave me!!) and they both said it would be 4-6 weeks before she would have a "copy" of our account. Now, mind you, they could tell me my address, phone number, names, account number, amount 'charged off', etc., but couldn't discuss anything else about the account!
14. HELP! HELP! HELP! We are trying to buy a home, and this is causing trouble. What should we do?

name: M. F.

city: 38506

problem: 02/27/2002

After being a loyal and faithful consumer to fingerhut and axsys national bank, they decide to delete my credit account without giving any good reason. I was told this is there perogative. That's fine with me after the way I have been treated there. The products are junk and never work properly. You never get through to customer service and when you do they are rude and hateful. All of this plus the fact that the prices are way overinflated.To make my case stronger anybody can look at my file and see that I was never late or behind on payments.

name: J. M.

city: 63376

problem: 01/17/2002

83K15 Sewing Center. Many parts do not fit properly. Had Fingerhut send replacements and new parts were bad like old ones. Also wrong parts for drawer sides. Need right hand and left hand sides, but only right hand parts furnished. After 2 1/2 months and much time and trouble I returned unit to Fingerhut. They should take unit out of the market. I have yet to see if and when they credit me my $310.

name: J. R.

city: 32608

problem: 08/16/2001

I got frustrated so I contacted the Better Business Bureau and the state attroney general's office on the 23rd of June via internet regarding my problem which was inaccuracy of my Fingerhut account on my Equifax credit file. Six days later on the 29th of June the account was deleted from the credit file. However, a week later I noticed that Fingerhut had not done the same thing for the other credit reporting agencies. I contacted them and informed them of what the problem was so many times I can't even count. I even faxed them a copy of my own credit report to show them how they deleted it from the equifax credit file. I have not received a letter, phone call or email as to what is taking so long to do what they have already done with Equifax which is the largest credit reporting agency. I figured they would do the same to the other credit bureaus Their billing or reporting department seems to not be able to see in their computer that it has been deleted. I have faxed proof that it has been deleted even my own credit report from Equifax. I even begged them to call Equifax themselves to verify but they refused. I am at a lost and need some help!! I just want Fingerhut to do the same thing to the other two credit bureaus (experian and transunion) as they did to Equifax which is delete the account from the credit file. This is what they did to resolve the Equifax problem and so the other two credit files should be treated equally.

name: E. F.

city: 19067

problem: 10/21/2000

About two months ago, we ordered an Entertainment center from "Fingerhut". This item was to ship in two boxes. When they arrived, we received box 1 of 2 and a mirror we did not order. We called FH and they arranged to have the mirror returned and to send us the other half. Another box arrived from FH. We opened it only to find that box 1 of 2 had been shipped to us again! We called fingerhut and got a lot of hastle... and were told that to resend the next box would take two weeks to ship because it is now concidered a part and not an item. I expressed dissapointment and the girl chuckled and told me that this is just the policy and no one can do anything about it.

I sent an email to customer service and receieved a reply that this item would be shipped that day and we should recieve it within 5 days. After the 5 days had past, we called fingerhut and were told that whomever wrote that email was crazy and that there was no possilble way that could happen.... Something had happened and we were cutoff. I called to talk again and the person on the other end told me that it had shipped when the email had said and that it must be delayed in mail or something. Two weeks after the item was promised to be shipped, we received Box 1 of 2 again!!!

At this time, there are 3 box's sitting at my home labeled box 1 of 2. I have purchased an entertainment center from a local company because I wanted no more stress from this situation. I called fingerhut and asked them to not attempt to send this item again and to arrange to have the box's returned at their expense. They agreed with this on the phone. Since then, I have only received return slips for two of the box's to be shipped back by REGULAR MAIL. They have never sent me a postage slip to send back the first box ever!

This entire situation has provided a lot of stress for both my husband and myself. I would like fingerhut to stand up and take responsibility for this problem and arrange to have all box's returned at there expense and to remove this from my bill immediatly.

I had always loved fingerhut and have been doing buisness with them for many years. I had tried to work this problem out and have simply recieved a lot of hastles. I really want this problem behind me and I don't want others done the same way.

Fingerhut contact:

Jim Wehmann, Senior Vice President of Marketing
Fingerhut Companies, Inc.
4400 Baker Rd.
Minnetonka, MN 55343

name: E. W.

city: 91744

problem: 07/25/2000


I found your website with the complaint from K.S. city 78758. Her complaint was almost EXACTLY the same as mine. My problem started in February 2000. I received a call from AXSYS National Bank (formerly Fingerhut) regarding a purchase I made in September of 1999 for over 3000.00 in computer, digital camera, printer. I was quite baffled as I had not ordered from Fingerhut since early 1998. Furthermore, the items had been shipped to an address I had not lived at since July 1998. I suspected my ex-husband had ordered these items. To make a long story short, I was also told that I would be sent an affidavit in 8-10 days, that they would investigate etc., etc. I received nothing but more bills from them and very rude phone calls. Even after my ex-husband called to change the account to his name, Fingerhut refused to do so (after they told me that they had). I have filed a complaint with the OCC, sought legal counsel and notified all the major credit reporting agencies. I have excellent credit, have never been late paying a bill, and certainly never claimed to have ordered anything that I did not. It is appalling to me that this company can be so irresponsible in allowing such a thing to happen. Not only was my ex-husband able to order this merchanidise over the phone (obviously he wasn't a woman trying to impersonate me) the account was in my name only. There has to be some sort of agency out there that can us, the consumers from these companies- and that will punish these companies for their dubious practices of literally abetting in fraud!!!

name: A. G.

city: 37047

problem: 06/22/2000

Be sure to read and understand all the fine print if you decide to do business with this organization. I recently had a situation where I returned an item to Fingerhut because I thought that it was not as it should be. First it took them a long while to credit my account for the returned item, Then there was still a what I thought was excessive a balance for shipping and handling. I disputed this amount, but it did me no good.

They continued to add late charges and fees even after we paid the disputed amount until my balance was more than if I had kept the item in the first place. In addition their collection department was merciless. They would call several times a day up to 10:00 PM on Sunday night. If the answering machine picked up they would hang up on it. The attitude of these collection people was that best described as arrogant. One even asked me if I had read the agreement. The answer is to read and understand this agreement before doing any business with Axsys, Fingerhut or any of the associated merchants.

name: K. S.

city: 78758

problem: 01/17/2000

I started having problems in November when Fingerhut switched their billing to Axsys. That's when all hell broke loose. Out of the blue I got a credit card and a notice saying I have a $2500 credit limit from Axsys national bank. Me being the good consumer that I am I promptly cut up the card and notice and threw them in the trash. I kept sending Fingerhut their payment coupons and then for some bizarre reason I started getting annoying phone calls from Axsys National Bank on my answering machine. These calls were automated and there was a glitch that would cut them off halfway through their recorded spiel. The number they left was a long distance number and I wasn't about to call long distance for anyone. I didn't know who they were and I wasn't going to call someone I didn't know long distance. Then the letters start arriving. They sent our about 3 a week. Saying that I am overdue on my payments and I owe $933.40!! $933.40??? One day my husband was home and managed to get an 800 number from these people so I called them. I asked them who they were and what was going on. They told me that Fingerhut switched their billing to them and that I'm to make my payments to them. I said fine, then tell me why I owe you $933.40. Turns out my old roommate had ordered a VCR and stereo from them using an old catalog I had lying around the house. So the hassle begins. I gave them his address and was promised that the annoying phone calls and letters would stop and that I would get a statement in the mail that would reflect what I owed them. Well I never got a statement but I did get more phone calls and late notices. So I called again, said the same thing and was assured the same thing. The next day when I got home there was a message from them on my machine. I called and spoke to the collections department and was treated so rudely by the man on the other end that I broke down in tears! My husband called them back and spoke to 2 people (both supervisors) in the collections department who assured us that we would get a statement and an affidavit saying that the VCR and the stereo were not ours and that our roommate had them. This was supposed to be sent in 8-10 business days.

Well today was the final straw. I got another late notice in the mail as well as a phone call. My old roommates' charges were still on there and they said I needed to pay them $116.55. So I called them again and the lady I spoke who said I had to call Fingerhut and get them to send the statement and that I still had to pay for the things my old roommate charged. I told her that was silly. I told her that it wasn't my problem they couldn't get their act together and send me a simple statement and an affidavit within 8-10 business days. I told her to deal with it because I've had enough of these people. I've gotten so many phone calls and letters from Axsys National Bank.

Take my advice and never do business with these people. I have been with Fingerhut for years and never missed a payment. I never had any trouble. But suddenly they switch payment systems without notifying me and all heck breaks loose. I'll be contacting a lawyer about this.

ConsumersRevenge.Com Response:

There have been a great number of problems with Fingerhut recently.

What has happened is that the "great" Federated Department Stores (Macys, Bloomindales, Sterns, Lazarus, etc.) bought out Fingerhut and implemented their sleazy, underhanded and cut-throat policies.

Anyone having a complaint with this company should send copies of their complaints to Federated Department Stores in addition to Fingerhut.

7 West Seventh Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
151 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Their website,, does not make note of Fingerhut, but I know for a fact that they own them.

We will add your complaint to our complaint page (less personal information, of course.)

Good luck with this. Legally, you may be required to pay for purchases made from your catalog. Oddly enough, the customer number on that catalog is just the same as your credit card number! I rip the back page off all of our Fingerhut catalogs as soon as they arrive!

If you have had any problems with this company, please file a complaint report we will add your comments to these. Conversly, you may send positive comments and they will be added as well.